Get Hired with the Udacity Career Portal

Landing a new job is one of the best feelings in the world, but searching for one can be daunting. For our Udacity Careers Team, our mission is to take the guesswork out of finding your new job. That’s why we created the Career Portal. You now have a customized path to getting hired, where you can track your step-by-step progress and get one-on-one feedback from experts along the way.

Get hired with the Udacity Career Portal

The Career Portal is your new online Career Counseling Center, where you choose the track that fits your exact professional goals.

“I honestly believe Udacity gave me the tools I needed to change not only my career, but my life.”
—Jake Gornall, Udacity graduate

Are you just starting out, switching careers, or building skills for advancement? Do you want to be a Front End Web Developer, or a Machine Learning Engineer? Get a customized plan that helps you craft your elevator pitch, target your resume, optimize your online professional presence, and even practice for technical interviews!

“I submitted my resume, and 45 minutes later, I received a very useful and helpful review back. I’ve paid for resume writing/consulting services in the past, and what you’re doing is miles above what I experienced. Brilliant. Thank you.” —Robin Stringer, Udacity graduate

With access to exclusive hiring events, competitions, and networking opportunities, thousands of Udacity students have already landed new jobs. We built the Career Portal based on years of experience teaching in-demand skills, working with leading companies to develop valuable curriculum, and collaborating with hiring partners to ensure our graduates have exactly the skills they hire for.

“Udacity gave me the knowledge and the confidence to apply and successfully get hired for jobs that I thought were out of my reach.” —Kaisa Martiskainen, Udacity graduate

Udacity’s skills-focused learning programs are already transforming professional education. Now, you can revolutionize your job search with your Career Portal, extending your online classroom experience with an easy-to-navigate path that includes videos, checklists, and resources to help you turn your new skills into your dream job.

Access to the new Career Portal is included in all career-ready Nanodegree programs.

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Once you’re enrolled, just look for the briefcase icon in the left-hand sidebar when you’re in your Udacity classroom—that’s where getting hired begins!