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Udacity - 2018 Goals

As we move from January to February, we no longer make mistakes writing the date—we’re comfortable with it being 2018 now. But “comfortable” cuts both ways, and it’s often all too easy to let that New Year’s excitement slip away. Instead of remaining passionate about what we were going to change, we get “comfortable” with things staying the same.

Which makes this the perfect time to redouble your efforts to stick to your 2018 goals! To help you do just that, we’ve assembled a shortlist of tips that will help you stay on track.

5 Tips to Make Sure You Meet Your 2018 Learning Goals

  1. Remember the WHY
    Every day before you start a learning project, take 2 minutes to remember where you’ll be AFTER you successfully complete it. Learning something new is what makes learning something else new possible.
  2. Be Realistic
    Set learning goals you can reach. You’ll feel great, and your confidence will grow. Small accomplishments on a daily basis will help you succeed over the long term. Success begets more success.
  3. Forget willpower, focus on process
    Emotional factors like inspiration are unreliable. Successful learning means establishing routines that are conducive to making quantifiable progress every day. When you’re not feeling the spark of motivation, your solid processes can sustain you.
  4. Be accountable to someone
    Your spouse. Your best friend. Your social media network. It doesn’t matter who. Just make sure someone knows your learning goals, and can nudge you if you slip. Letting someone else believe in you is one of the most self-empowering things you can do.
  5. Be patient
    Learning is dynamic. It continues. You’ll see some results right away, but other victories unfold over time. Look forward to surprising yourself with the skills you master, and the goals you achieve. There’s a reason it’s called Lifelong Learning!

When you work in a structured environment, your tasks are often prescribed for you. Someone else sets the goals, and you work to achieve them. Timelines are imposed externally, and you align your efforts to them. Whether you’re an undergraduate in college, or a mid-career professional at a large corporation, the case is basically the same—there is a structure, and you work within it.

Personal learning goals are another story. You have to both create the schedules, and then stick to them. You have to set the goals, and then work to achieve them. You have to deliver both the performance, and the performance review. This is no easy feat. That’s what the tips above are all about. In every instance, it’s about being your own manager, and giving yourself the guidance and support you need to excel.

Take a moment today, and re-embrace your commitment to breaking new ground for yourself in 2018. Whether you’re ahead of your goals already, or only just getting started, it’s important to check in with yourself, to make sure you feel good, and to make sure you have what you need to succeed. Use the tips above to help you stay focused and in the right mindset. Most of all, keep learning!


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