Intersect 2018 is a celebration of Lifelong Learning, and the conference gathers together some of the most inspiring and influential speakers in the world. Early bird tickets are available through February 28.

Udacity - Intersect 2018 - Speakers - Panels

The pursuit of lifelong learning happens on two levels—the practical, and the aspirational. At the practical level, it’s about always having new goals, taking on new challenges, and going after new opportunities. At the aspirational level, it’s about nothing less than personal and professional transformation. It’s about constantly remaking yourself in an evolving image of your best self.

Udacity’s Intersect 2018 conference celebrates lifelong learning at both these levels. From hiring partner interviews to informative breakout sessions to providing professional headshots for your career profile, we want to support the practical steps you take to advance your life and career. Simultaneously, we are presenting some of the most innovative, inspiring, and influential speakers in the world, who come to this conference with the express goal of igniting within you the passion to transform yourself, your career, and the world around you.

Intersect 2018: Opening Keynote

We’re thrilled to share that our opening keynote speech will be delivered by Shiza Shahid, who co-founded the Malala Fund with Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, and led the organization as founding CEO. Shiza’s is a powerful voice that stands for transformative social change through technology, and her words and example will set an incredible tone for the day’s events.

Intersect 2018: Closing Keynote

We’re additionally so pleased to announce that Obi Felten will deliver Intersect 2018’s closing keynote! Obi leads early stage projects at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory. She works with a team of inventors and entrepreneurs engaged in projects like self-driving cars (Waymo), drone delivery (Wing), and balloon-powered internet (Project Loon). Obi is responsible for getting potentially world-changing projects out of the lab and into the real world, and her twin commitments to innovation and social good will sound the perfect closing note for the conference.

And now, our Intersect 2018 panels: revealed!

Intersect 2018: Panel Discussions

Positive Change and The Power of Data

Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented intersection of power and potential in the realm of technology. As the power of our data science tools increases simultaneous to the quality and depth of raw material we have to work with, we find ourselves capable of incredible change. As a global community, we can train our innovative sights on the biggest targets—healthcare, finance, the environment, even human intelligence itself. In this panel, our distinguished experts will discuss how data innovation is powering change today, and explore ways the next generations of data leaders can drive change in the future.

Distinguished Panelists:
Sarah Kerruish, Chief Strategy Officer, Kheiron Medical
Daniel Kraft, MD, Founding Executive Director & Chair, Exponential Medicine
Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies
Trae Vassallo, Co-Founder & Managing Director,

Competing With Skills, Winning With Confidence

How do I get job experience, when I can’t get hired without experience? This is the paradox of hard skills in the modern hiring era. A similar challenge applies to that most important of soft skills: confidence. Confidence is what leads us to apply for new roles in the first place, and it’s often what sets us apart from other applicants. But how do you build and leverage it, when it doesn’t feel like you’ve earned it? Our panel experts will reveal why and how confidence matters, explore the complex relationships between skills and confidence, and share strategies for turning confidence to your career advantage.

Distinguished Panelists:
Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Atlassian
Aline Lerner, Co-founder & CEO,
Dr. Nico Rose, VP of Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, Bertelsmann

The Cities of the Future: Interactive, Responsive, and Optimized

Cites are complex systems, but historically, they have lacked a “brain” to organize and coordinate their functions, effectively gather and analyze input, and produce responsive action. This is changing rapidly, however, thanks to innovations in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous transportation. Our cities will become not only smarter and more efficient, but more responsive and interactive. Our panel experts will speak to the ways we can make our cities run better, even as we improve our experience of living in them.

Distinguished Panelists:
Oliver Cameron, Co-Founder & CEO, Voyage
John Paul, Founder & CEO, VenueNext
Tara Pham, Co-Founder & CEO, Numina
Anne Toth, Head of Data Policy, World Economic Forum

Please visit our event homepage for complete agenda details!

Intersect 2018: Fireside Chats & Breakout Sessions

This year’s conference presents three Fireside Chats, each of which features Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun in conversation with a distinguished guest. Over the course of the day, he will share the stage with three of Silicon Valley’s most influential figures: Marc Andreessen, Eric Schmidt, and Scott Cook.

Additionally, we will offer a number of highly informative Breakout Sessions featuring expert speakers delivering actionable insights around relevant topics for attendees.

Our featured Breakout Session presents Mat Leonard, Udacity’s Head of AI programs, interviewing Soumith Chintala, an Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer at Facebook, and the creator of PyTorch. They’ll discuss Soumith’s reasons for creating PyTorch, and what its envisioned future impact will be. They’ll also explore the evolving landscape of careers in AI, and offer advice to people pursuing jobs in the field.

Supporting Lifelong Learners of Every Age and Experience Level

It’s called “Lifelong Learning” for a reason. A late-career professional eager to turn hard-won experience towards an exciting new challenge embraces learning with a passion equal to that of someone new to the hiring landscape who is seeking their first job opportunity. The same can be said of a junior employee vying for a managerial post, or a mid-career professional seeking a career change into a new field. No matter where you stand currently on your career path, Intersect 2018 has something to offer you. 1-1 career coaching, direct access to hiring reps from world-class companies, professional headshots—these are all valuable, at any stage, and Udacity supports lifelong learners of every age and experience level.

Celebrating Lifelong Learning

LIfelong learners combine a joy of learning for learning’s sake, with a laser-precise desire to learn “with a purpose.” We feel enriched by the experience of learning something new, and it helps us to feel alive, to be present in the world, and to retain a sense of personal value—in short, it is through learning that we continue to believe in ourselves. As to learning with a purpose, this is where we make manifest that belief in ourselves. We learn in order to achieve. We have goals, and we learn so that we might achieve those goals. The constant and continuing pursuit of knowledge ensures we build and maintain rewarding lives.

The mission of Intersect 2018 is to foster and celebrate your love of learning, and support you as you build the rewarding life you deserve.