From on-site interviews to learning workshops to our hiring partner showcase, Intersect 2018 offers an incredible experience, no matter where you are along your career path.  

Udacity - Intersect 2018 - Mindset

There are as many reasons to attend Intersect 2018 as there will be people who attend. Lifelong learning knows no age or stage, and everyone with a passion for self-empowerment through learning will derive value from the event. That said, the conference offers special rewards for those with an eye towards career advancement.

Who will benefit from attending Intersect 2018?

  • If you’re looking ahead to your first job, you will experience ample opportunity to network, and start building valuable relationships with both companies and peers.
  • If you’ve been in a role for a few years and are looking to make a significant leap forward, you’ll learn all about the skills and strategies that can set you apart in a competitive employment field.
  • If you’re a mid-career professional looking to execute a successful career change, you’ll get clear-eyed industry advice about where the opportunities are, and how to take advantage of them.
  • If you’re a late-career veteran looking to add stackable skills that will keep you relevant and valuable, you’ll discover a wealth of resources focused on the most in-demand skills.

No matter where you are on along your career path, you’ll depart Intersect 2018 with beneficial takeaways that will positively inform your next steps.

Hiring Partner Showcase

One of the core features of our conference is our Hiring Partner Showcase. For this year’s event, we are so excited to present an incredible roster of participating companies whose representatives will be on hand to meet our students and alumni. Feast your eyes!

Amazon, AT&T, BMW, Bosch, CI&T, Continental, Fiat Chrysler, Flipkart, Honeywell, IBM, Infosys, Intuit, iRobot,, Kitty Hawk, LG, Lyft, Mercedes Benz, NVIDIA, Ola cabs, SAP, The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd, TOTVS, Uber ATG, Volkswagen, Voyage, WorldQuant, Facebook.

Our hiring partners are looking forward to meeting, networking, and simultaneously conducting on-site interviews with attending students and graduates.

On-Site Interview Opportunity

If you’d like to be considered for an interview opportunity, you still have time! Not much, though, so make sure to act today. If you purchase an Intersect 2018 ticket by 11:59 p.m. PST, February 28, you can elect to have your Udacity profile presented to our hiring partners for interview consideration.

Pro Tip: This is also the deadline for Early Bird ticket pricing, so it’s an amazing chance to fully maximize your conference experience!

Your Udacity profile—which includes your resume and LinkedIn profile—serves as a  uniquely optimized career resource that clearly presents your skills and accomplishments to prospective employers. It’s critical that you maintain it at all times, and especially so for the conference. Make sure your information (including your resume) is 100% up to date. If you elect to have your profile shared with our hiring partners, they’ll review the materials, and set up an interview if see they the potential of a good match.

It’s About You

The interview opportunity is but one example of the myriad ways you can make the best of your Intersect experience. The key is proactivity. Yes, there are going to be resources and opportunities everywhere, but it’s what YOU bring to the conference that will determine the full measure of value you mine from the experience.

Here are just some of the insightful Learning Workshops you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go: How To Know When Career Change Is Right For You
  • Saving Lives With Data: Machine Learning For Disaster Response And Economic Development
  • How The Science Of Positive Psychology Can Help You Ace Your Job Interview
  • Authentic Networking: How To Build Meaningful Career Connections
  • Supercharging Your Skills: Conquering Imposter Syndrome
  • Doing The Numbers: Learn How To Prepare For A Data Science Career
  • Tips On Time: Effective Strategies For Ramping Up Your Productivity
  • How Self-driving Cars Work

Mindset Matters

Determining a next career move is never easy, and we’d all appreciate it if recruiters just came to us instead of the other way around. We’d all especially love it if just having the right skills automatically got us the job. But that’s not how it works. That’s why you and Udacity are a partnership. Together, we WILL advance your career. Intersect 2018 is an expression of our commitment to your career advancement. We will do everything in our power to make this event incredible for you. Your job is to bring the right mindset.


Early Bird Tickets are only available through February 28th! Purchase now to make the most of your Intersect 2018 experience!