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Trae Vassallo - Udacity - The Road to Intersect - Data - Social Good

Trae Vassallo has a fascinating and diverse background—from engineer to entrepreneur to investor—and this affords her a unique perspective on what the future holds for innovative creators, and gives her the singular ability to see into all corners of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Today, Trae is Co-founder & Managing Director of, an early stage venture capital firm, and as such, she has the ability to directly impact what new ideas will reach the marketplace. Her company is expressly devoted to teams who desire to “defy the ordinary” and that are “focusing on big ideas, underserved markets, and hard challenges.”

Is it any wonder we’re so excited to have Trae as a distinguished speaker for Intersect 2018?

As he’s been fortunate to do with so many of our Intersect guests, Udacity’s intrepid Director of Marketing Chris Morell was able to chat with Trae in advance of her upcoming Intersect appearance. In classic “Road to Intersect” form, the interview took place in “Carla,” Udacity’s own self-driving car!

Trae will be a panelist for our Positive Change and The Power of Data panel, and during the interview, when Trae and Chris were discussing her passion for this topic, Trae delivered an absolutely laser-precise elucidation:

“You can’t change what you’re not measuring.”

Intersect 2018 attendees can expect more of this kind of inspired insight from Trae, her fellow panelists, and from all of our distinguished speakers. But if you don’t have your ticket yet, you can’t afford to delay, as this event will sell out before the week is over!

Get yourself on The Road to Intersect, and purchase your ticket today!