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This week we have student story which will force you to rethink all the excuses that you ever gave yourself for not completing your Udacity Nanodegree program. What were you doing as a 9-year-old? May be, playing hide and seek or video games? Well, times have changed and so have the guilty pleasures of the 9-year-olds. So when Kush wanted to do something more than reading, playing on his iPad and completing his homework (which, he loves doing), he thought of enrolling for Udacity’s Introduction to Programming Nanodegree program.

9 year old, Kush Singh, Udacity Introduction to Programming Nanodegree Program Student

Kush developed his interest in programming in the third grade. It was then that he was introduced to some basic programs which involved JavaScript. Eventually, he wants to be a founder of his own companies, may be of a company that invents technologies.

As a part of the Nanodegree program, Kush made a website with a repository of all of his favourite video games and music albums. The fourth grade student plans to learn python and JavaScript in the future. He said “Once I learn JavaScript, I will be happy.”

Here’s what the young programmer has to share.

Kudos to you, Kush! You make us proud 🙂

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Start Learning