Just like millions of other workers around the world, Keith Sun was facing career uncertainty due to COVID-19

He works as a career services professional for the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati and wanted to improve his resume by topping it with professional skill-sets. 

“I was facing a summer where a furlough or employment termination was a real possibility,” shared Keith. “Given COVID-19 and [stay-at-home orders], I was suddenly given an ample amount of time for online courses. Because of the charitable generosity of Udacity’s free first month promotion, I decided this was a great time to learn the latest skills online. So I enrolled in the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. I enjoyed learning on Udacity’s platform so much that I wanted to pursue additional programs which led me to finish the Business Analytics Nanodegree program as well,” he shared.

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Turning Uncertainty Into an Opportunity

After graduating from the Nanodegree programs, Keith was able to build and use his new marketing skillsest. He has developed as a well-rounded professional who is now able to think like a marketer when he is writing articles online or sending emails to students. 

“I’ve been able to achieve the highest open rates and click-thru rates on email campaigns. Because of the Business Analytics Nanodegree program, I was able to build my Excel skills to the point where I’ve been able to analyze data and visualize powerful results for my Career Services team when it comes to the courses we teach. 

“The data analysis was so compelling that we were able to get a successful proposal for publication in the Journal for the National Association of Colleges & Employers. Thankfully, I was able to keep my job, but now the digital marketing and business analytics skills that I’ve gained from Udacity have made me an even more well-rounded professional. I’m now able to use digital tools for community outreach and national recognition,” he concluded.

Transform your Career like Keith

Has COVID-19 resulted in a lot of uncertainty for you as well? Well, the time is right to explore new opportunities and build new skill-sets. Transform your career like Keith. 

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