Welcome back to the Udacity Learning Lab. Today we’ll be speaking with Udacity student and PhD candidate Rubenia Borge about her career aspirations, Udacity learning journey and more.

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Rubenia shares how Udacity has made her goals attainable and her dreams within reach in the video below:

“I love how computers can help us to make a better world for everybody.”

More on Rubenia’s Learning Journey

Q: Which Nanodegree program have you completed?

A: I’ve completed the Deep Learning Nanodegree and I’m currently working on the Business Analytics Nanodegree program. 

My dream is to eventually become an AI Engineer, so the next program up is the Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree

Q: Why did you enroll in the Deep Learning Nanodegree program?

A: I enrolled because I love Udacity’s high quality content and teaching techniques. I love that the instructors break down complex definitions into simple concepts and put them in short videos so that I can always go back to review if I don’t understand. I also love the community which is made of brilliant and friendly students from all over the world.

Q: How has your Udacity Nanodegree program impacted your life? What did Udacity help you to accomplish?

A: The Deep Learning Nanodegree program helped me to build a strong foundation in deep learning. The program was fantastic support material for my studies.

Q: What’s next for you… Are you chasing a new promotion? Looking for a new job? 

A: I am looking for an internship in 2021 since I am still a PhD student. Eventually my dream is to become an AI Engineer. 

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?

A: Yes, I want to say that I love Udacity! Now that I’m searching for internships I use Udacity courses to practice programming languages, data structures and algorithms. I have learned so much at Udacity. I highly recommend this education platform.

Also, Udacity’s instructors are incredibly supportive. Between their positive feedback and all the lessons I’ve learned, I’m confident that I’m becoming a better professional and version of myself.

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