Udacity has a new ___!

Udacity was started with the mission to democratize education. I wanted it to be the place for people to get an education to get a job to change their lives. Today, we have achieved that with millions enrolled in our free courses and more students in our Nanodegree programs than many four-year colleges.

Now, it’s time to scale our operations rapidly and begin the next chapter of Udacity. Three years ago, I recruited Vishal Makhijani to Udacity. Vish had most recently served as Zynga’s COO and SVP, overseeing some of its rapid growth in the gaming industry. He had also spent years at Yahoo scaling their operations. When Vish joined Udacity, we just started tossing around the idea of Nanodegree credentials and working closely with Silicon Valley tech giants. Since then, Vish has been an amazing partner in building our product and business in the United States and overseas so that we could raise $105 million in our most recent round.

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A New Job Guarantee


In 2010, we started Google x to pursue moon shots, moving impossible ideas into reality to change people’s lives forever. In education, the biggest moon shot is connecting learning to jobs. Get an education to get a job to change your life.

Today, we are launching a new program at Udacity, called Nanodegree Plus. Earn a Nanodegree credential and we will guarantee you a job within six months of graduation, or give you 100% of your tuition back.  

Over the last 18 months, our Nanodegree programs have begun to emerge as the place to go to learn technical skills to get a new job or advance a career. They are backed by companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, GitHub and AT&T among others—teaching students the latest technical skills for today’s workforce. Already, Udacity graduates are working at companies like Google, Nest, Accenture, AT&T, Amazon, Salesforce, Rakuten, Verizon, Goldman Sachs, Intuit and many others in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Over the past few months, we have actively placed Udacity students into jobs. Some have joined Udacity, others have taken jobs at our partner companies. While these initial placements were done quietly, today we are formally launching a job guarantee to eligible US students.

Initially, our new Nanodegree Plus program will be available for Android Developer,” “iOS Developer,” “Machine Learning Engineer” and “Senior Web Developer,” at $299 per month starting today. Students enrolling in these programs will work closely with our Career Services team, and enroll in our new Career Advisor program and Career Concierge services. In time, we plan to roll out the program to other countries and other Nanodegree tracks.

Today’s job landscape is changing with new types of jobs being created and job tenure shortening. The new Nanodegree Plus program offers students the latest technology skills for jobs that are most in demand today, like Android and iOS developers, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional education and a job guarantee at the end.


Introducing the Android Developer Nanodegree

At Udacity, we are all about democratizing education to give people the skills they need to get a new job or advance their careers in technology. Today, with Android at one billion active users worldwide and growing, the demand for Android developers is staggering — from Palo Alto to Paris to Penang.

Introducing the new Android Developer Nanodegree, built by Google. via udacity.com

Given the remarkable rise of the Android platform worldwide, we are thrilled to be announcing the industry’s first Android Developer Nanodegree at Google I/O today. The new Nanodegree was built by Google with their curriculum, subject matter experts and developers to the standards they expect of Android developers. Google has committed $4 million and thousands of hours of developer time to this effort. The Android Developer Nanodegree, which takes 9-12 months to complete at $200 a month, will cover everything from fundamentals to advanced development skills, as well as Google Play services and Material Design. Real-life projects, like designing a media player and using Google’s services to build apps, will be graded by our global network of 300 code reviewers.  

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