Why Digital Marketing Matters

Are you interested in exploring your potential for becoming a successful digital marketer? Enjoy a Free Preview of our Digital Marketing Nanodegree program today! This is your chance to master new skills in the new year, and unlock a new future for yourself!

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program - Free Preview

The Human Interest Factor

Marketing has always appealed to students of the human psyche.

“A marketer is like a psychologist with a competitive streak.”

There’s a thrill one gets from running a successful campaign that is unlike any other—it’s not just the sense of a job well done, though of course that’s part of it. And it’s not just about the revenue, though of course that can be satisfying as well. No, it’s something different. It’s that you know you’ve really reached people, that something you created resonated with real people.

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Unlock Front-End Web Developer Skills With A Free Preview

Ready to learn new skills for the new year? Explore the possibilities of a successful Front-End Web Developer career with this Free Preview of our Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program!

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree Program - Free Preview - Udacity

There is a video in our Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program entitled “What You’ll Build,” and in the opening scenes of that video, the instructor gives you the opportunity to see what the web would look like without modern front-end web development. Can you guess what it looks like? It’s basically a blank white page with black letters. As the narrator describes it: No design. No interaction. No good.

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New Year, New Skills: Unlock Your Future with Udacity!

Start your 2018 with Free Previews of our Nanodegree programs!


New Year New Skills - Udacity - Final2

Learning new skills is such a rewarding experience. It can even change your life! But going outside your comfort zone and taking on something new requires both courage, and opportunity.

“This experience has absolutely changed my life. I wouldn’t have a job right now otherwise.” —Oscar E., Lifelong Learner, Udacity

That’s why we’re ringing in the New Year by unlocking 8 different Nanodegree programs, and offering you free previews of each. Because we want to give you the opportunity to learn something new in 2018. We want to make it possible for you to fully embrace your potential for growth and achievement.

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Udacity 2017: The Year in Review

Udacity 2017 Year in Review

A great deal can happen in a year. We’re not always conscious of this as we go about our daily lives, but it becomes immediately apparent when we pause to reflect. The experience of creating a “Year in Review” post affords us a special opportunity to think back on all the things we’ve learned, experienced, and achieved together.

2017 has been an extraordinary year for the global Udacity community. We’ve grown at a remarkable rate—our family of employees runs into the many hundreds now, we have expert Udacity project reviewers in over 60 different countries, and nearly a million-and-a-half new students, residing in virtually every country on the planet, entered our classrooms this year. We helped fund over 100,000 scholarships in 2017. We count over 100 different companies as partners and collaborators. We now offer over 20 different Nanodegree programs, more than half of which we launched this year. Udacity students submitted over 300,000 projects in 2017.

And yet, we still feel we’ve only just begun!

Everywhere in the world there are passionate, dedicated, hardworking lifelong learners eager to advance their lives and their careers, each of whom deserves full access to world-class learning opportunities. Our goal is to reach every one of you. This is what we strive for, and this is the challenge we look forward to every day.

But just for a moment at least, we’d like to pause, and look back at 2017.

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Can Proactive Reskilling Today Prevent Job Loss In The Future?

Reskilling - Udacity - Lifelong Learning

For the record, the answer to the question posed in the title is “yes.”

Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation

It’s important this answer be heard loud and clear, especially in light of all the conversations swirling around the release of an important new McKinsey report entitled Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions In A Time Of Automation.

The report has provoked strong reactions, and while the report itself offers much to be hopeful for, you wouldn’t necessarily know that from the subsequent articles published in its wake.

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Struggling to Find Inspiration on LinkedIn? Look Again!

Inspiration on LinkedIn - Udacity

When we’re down, feeling unmotivated, and in need of a spark, we often turn to the internet for help. We go looking for those stories that energize and inspire us. We want to be uplifted. But inspiration is not all we go looking for—we seek information as well.  We want knowledge, evidence, facts. We want to know what it takes to succeed, and how to get it.

There was a time when inspiration-seekers would go to LinkedIn for all the above and more.

But today, many people complain of shady recruiting solicitations, and too many self-proclaimed influencers parroting empty clichés. They bemoan a ceaseless parade of pinterest-esque aphorisms about leadership, and smug recitations of how someone hired someone despite their lack of qualifications. Many have taken to LinkedIn to complain about the above, and many others have complained about the complaints.

If these trends have put you off LinkedIn, you’re apparently not alone.

But we encourage you to look again at LinkedIn, because amongst all the noise and chatter, there can still be found powerful stories from hard-working lifelong learners who are accomplishing amazing things in their lives every day.

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