How Data Powers Progress at Udacity—1,575,237 Times in One Year

Data powers progress at Udacity - hero

At Udacity, we don’t just teach the latest Data and AI skills, we make use of data ourselves, to continuously improve our students’ learning experiences.

Here’s a notable example for how we do this.

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Welcome To Your New Udacity Classroom

New Udacity Classroom

The Udacity classroom is the heart of your learning journey, and we want to make certain you love what you experience there. Our goal is to provide you with the world’s greatest virtual classroom, to ensure you’re able to achieve every goal and dream you have for your education. This is why we’re so excited today to introduce you to your new Udacity classroom!

We’ve implemented some upgrades we think you’ll find really valuable. Here are just some of the new features you’ll start enjoying today!

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Introducing The Latest Upgrade To Your Udacity App!

Udacity App

At Udacity, we believe you should be able to learn wherever you are, and whenever you want. Our goal is to make sure your mobile learning experience is always the best that it can be. So we are extremely excited today to introduce you to the latest upgrade of your Udacity App for iOS and Android!

Below you’ll find examples of some of the changes we’ve rolled out. We hope you love what you discover, and we can’t wait to receive your feedback! Your input is absolutely critical for helping us provide a world-class mobile learning experience.

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