This Nanodegree Program Grad Wants To Hire Udacity Alumni!

After graduating from Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program, Han Bin Lee and a group of fellow alums founded a self-driving car company in Seoul, South Korea. Now, they’re ready to hire more Udacity grads!

Udacity Grad Han Bin Lee

As a new Nanodegree program student, you start to feel the power of community right away. Your fellow students make introductions, experiences are shared, the questions start rolling in, and the innovative answers come fast and furious. It’s exhilarating, and it doesn’t stop. While it may be uncommon for incoming students to cite community as their motivator for starting a Nanodegree program, virtually every Udacity graduate singles community out as a highlight of their experience.

We love this! We love witnessing the birth of a new community at the start of a term, we love seeing bonds and connections develop as a term progresses, and we especially love it when those connections carry on past graduation.

Han Bin Lee is a graduate of Udacity’s Self Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program, and he and a group of fellow alums have some exciting news to share—they are the founders of a promising new self-driving car company in Seoul, South Korea! They’ve already signed up their first customers for their Lidar software, and now they’re looking for other Udacity graduates to join their team.

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From I/O 2018 to Udacity, Grow with Google Scholars take an amazing trip!

Grow with Google scholars at Udacity HQ
Google Scholars meet with other Udacity students at Udacity HQ

Last week, 12 Udacity students got the opportunity of a lifetime. Google flew them out to Google I/O in California as recognition for their amazing work in the Grow with Google initiative’s Developer Scholarship Challenge! This massive three-day event is Google’s flagship annual developer conference, famous for its announcements of incredible new technology, and a unique chance to network with the tech industry’s movers and shakers.

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Udacity Alumni VIP Event at The Google Garage

Scenes From The Alumni VIP Intersect 2018 Pre-Event at The Google Garage!

Sebastian Thrun addresses Udacity Alumni VIPs at The Google Garage
Sebastian Thrun addresses Udacity Alumni VIPs at The Google Garage

It’s 4:30 pm on a sunny Northern California afternoon. I’ve just arrived on the Google Campus, and as you might expect, it’s bustling with busses, share bikes, and pedestrians. In one grassy courtyard made especially beautiful by a playfully percolating fountain, white tent tops catch the sunlight as the shadow line slowly approaches. This is my destination.

4:45 pm

People are starting to congregate, and the low hum of conversation is subtly rising in volume. The individuals gathered are members of Udacity’s Alumni community, here to experience an incredible Alumni VIP event on the eve of Intersect 2018.

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Meet The New Nanodegree Alumni Leadership Board!


Earlier this year, the Udacity team decided we wanted to create a way for Nanodegree graduates to build leadership roles within our community. We determined that the best way to do this would be to gather a group of students that could meet with Udacity staff, and help us come up with and implement solutions for pressing issues in our community — issues like better serving the needs of rural students, and overcoming the psychological barriers many people face when starting a new career. We’re proud to announce that these students have now come together as the new Nanodegree Alumni Leadership Board (NALB).

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