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How one Udacity graduate’s life and career changed when he discovered Android!

Android App Developer - Udacity

I’d like to tell you about Ben Lewis. For years, he was a high school math teacher with a habit of spending his summer breaks trying to learn new skills. He was constantly in search of new tools that would aid him in the classroom, and he loved inspiring his students with unconventional approaches to mathematics. Then, during the summer of 2016, he stumbled upon Android app development. He could see potential right away—not only could he could pick up and share some app development skills with his students, but maybe he could even create a new app for his school. His wheels started spinning.

“While searching online for Android tutorials I discovered Udacity’s new Android Basics Nanodegree program. When I saw that it required no programming experience I thought it was perfect fit for me, so I decided to enroll.”

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Announcing 10,000 New Scholarships for Android Developers

Google Android Scholarships

We are very excited to announce 10,000 new Android developer scholarships, funded by Google! This new scholarship initiative is specifically for EU residents who want to become Android developers. 9000 of the available scholarships are earmarked for absolute beginners, and the additional 1000 will be offered to more experienced developers. So whether you’re eager to build your very first app, or ready to take Google’s Android exam to earn your Google certification, we’ve got an amazing new scholarship opportunity for ALL aspiring Android developers in the EU!

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Firebase in a Weekend, Success for a Lifetime

Firebase in a Weekend, Udacity

What does every app developer want to do? You want to develop high-quality apps, grow a customer base, make money, and achieve long-term success, of course. We can answer that question for you. But here are a couple more questions that only you can answer:

  • Have you ever been frustrated with how much time it takes to set up the back end of your app?
  • Are you looking for a solution for data storage and syncing for an app?

If you answered “Yes” to either or both of these, then keep reading!

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Questions about Android? Ask the Android Experts!

Ask the Android Experts

It’s been a little over two weeks since we launched the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google program, and what an incredible two weeks it’s been! We knew going in we had an incredible team in place, who together built the program from the ground up. Now, we can happily say we have an incredible student body in place as well. We have been literally staggered by the passion, dedication, and dynamism we’ve witnessed, and the quality of work being submitted is so impressive. Best of all, the community is growing and bonding together, as students connect in forums, on Slack, and more.

Ask the Android Experts!

On the subject of connections, we’ve got a great new event to tell you about! It’s a special opportunity to connect directly with the experts from Google and Udacity who built the Android Basics program, and it will be your chance to ask any questions you might have about the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google.

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Success Comes To Those Who Have Dreams: Announcing 50 NEW Android Scholarships!

Android Scholarships

It was just last week that we launched the Android Basics by Google Nanodegree program, and the response has been incredible.

As part of that launch with Google, we announced that the first 50 students to graduate from Android Basics would receive full scholarships to enroll in our career-track Android Developer program. Since that announcement, the leaderboard where we’re tracking student progress has been … electrifying!

Have you SEEN the leaderboard? It’s been a week, and we’ve already got students who’ve completed their studies and earned their scholarships. Wow!

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5 Sweet and Delicious Reasons to Become an Android Developer

android developer

There are now 1.4 billion active Android Devices in the world, and Android dominates the smartphone market with 82% global market share. These are impressive numbers. If you’re an aspiring Android Developer, this is opportunity knocking.

For many of you, that’s all you need to know. Android Developer, here you come.

But some of you may need more convincing when it comes to considering a career in Android Development. So let’s look at some key labor statistics and industry reports:

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Flipkart Says No to Job Interviews and Yes to Udacity!

Flipkart and Udacity

We’ve been able to celebrate some pretty amazing news at Udacity in recent months. But nothing makes us happier than those stories that directly impact the careers and futures of our students. Which is why we’re especially excited about today’s announcement. Flipkart, India’s largest online marketplace, is partnering with Udacity to radically change the hiring process in the software industry.

Breaking away from convention, Flipkart is embracing an “interview-less hiring” approach, and hiring candidates based directly on their Nanodegree projects and Udacity profiles. No in-person interviews or group exercises. This approach enables Flipkart to hire talent swiftly, shorten the hiring process, and maintain a critical competitive edge in its hunt for talented professionals. And it allows our graduates to earn roles based directly on the skills and experience they accrue through their Nanodegree program studies.

Three Udacity students—all graduates of Udacity’s Android Developer Nanodegree program— have already started working at Flipkart, with the mobile development team. They are the first to join the Flipkart team, and both Flipkart and Udacity expect many more new hires to follow.

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