Introducing the Associate Android Developer Fast Track by Google

Associate Android Developer Fast Track

You might say Google and Udacity are on a mission to conclusively ensure your Android development expertise.

Through our two co-created Nanodegree programs—Android Basics and Android Developer—we built a path to Android mastery with points of entry for learners at every level of expertise; from complete beginners to intermediate Java developers.

Then Google launched the Associate Android Developer Certification Exam. This exam offers aspiring Android developers a unique opportunity to prove Android Development skills, and earn certification directly from Google affirming those skills—a definitive step on the path to a job as an Android Developer.

As a complement to that Certification, we just introduced the Associate Android Developer Fast Track, your complete path to Google certification. This program is a model of efficiency, designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to successfully pass the exam and earn your certification from Google. It’s $750 for three months of access, and the program includes three courses, three projects and the Google certification fee.

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