Celebrating Black History Month and Alan Emtage — Search Engine Pioneer

Modern life — internet life — centers around finding information via search engines. Without clever algorithms searching and sorting ever-expanding web content we’d be figuratively in the dark. Research on “Black History Month” — as most topics — was done through several search engines. We owe the ubiquitous utility of search to Alan Emtage, from Barbados.

Whether your first search engine experience is Google, Ask Jeeves, Alta Vista, Yahoo!, Jughead, or Veronica, all of these owe their existence and success to Alan Emtage, a computer scientist who created Archie, a tool for discovering materials in the pre-web File Transfer Protocol (FTP) space of 1989; the World Wide Web wouldn’t be birthed until 1991.

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Hiring Trends for 2021: Which Jobs are In Demand

In 2020, the fastest-growing jobs were centered around the importance of data literacy — new roles specializing in cloud security and an increase in hiring for people with technical skills in artificial intelligence (AI) were top of mind for employers.

Now that we’re a few months into the new year, some new hiring trends for 2021 have emerged. What’s more, these new developments could shape the workforce for years to come.

Here’s our take on the latest hiring trends, including the skills and roles that companies are looking for right now.

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The Top Cybersecurity Jobs of 2021

The recent SolarWinds breach, and the millions of accounts that were compromised, has recently put cybersecurity back in focus. Companies across all industries are rethinking their data security strategies to ensure that they aren’t the next ones making headlines. 

Hackers are only getting smarter and using cutting-edge technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), which means businesses need to step up their security game.

Over the next 10 years, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that jobs in information security will grow by 31%, which is significantly faster than the rate of growth for all jobs (4%) or computer jobs (11%).

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New Year, New You! 7 Soft & 7 Hard Skills You Need to Learn in 2021

It’s the New Year and with 2020 firmly behind you, you can walk into 2021 with a renewed focus on self-improvement — and it starts with gaining new skills.

The job market has drastically changed due to the pandemic and increased automation, and many of the jobs that were lost will simply not come back. But, there is hope. According to a recent report by Microsoft, the total number of technology-oriented jobs will increase nearly five-fold by 2025, rising from 41 million in 2020 to 190 million in 2025.

Make 2021 your year to gain new soft skills and hard skills in coding, digital marketing, data analysis, and more that will help you catch the eye of employers looking to fill the tech jobs available this year and beyond. 

New Year, New You! 7 Soft & 7 Hard Skills You Need to Learn in 2021

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Fastest Growing Jobs in Tech That You Need To Get Into

In 2005, when the internet was still in its nascent stage, there were about 1 billion users around the world. In a single decade, that number doubled to reach 2 billion. Fast forward five short years to 2020 and there are 4.66 billion active internet users according to Statista.

As the fourth industrial revolution continues to flourish (and our internet usage stats suggest), technological innovation is not going to decline anytime soon. 

Even with the economy flagging in the wake of COVID-19, the tech industry is still expected to reach $5 trillion in 2021 and grow an additional 5% by 2024 according to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2021

That continued growth signifies that there will be even more available tech jobs on the market in 2021 and beyond. One of the best ways to snag one of those new openings is to upskill with an online course.

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Top Companies that Hired Udacity Graduates

A Udacity Nanodegree program helps prepare learners for the new world of work, and many Udacity graduates go on to land their dream jobs with top companies around the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the top companies that have hired Udacity grads. 

But first, let’s review what a Udacity Nanodegree program is and why it’s so attractive to both employers and job seekers.

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Udacity Leads Effort to Upskill Laid-Off Workers With New Scholarship

Businesses both large and small, have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, causing the economy to launch into a tailspin. 

In fact, many large corporations — including Marriott and GE Aviation — have announced that they will lay off hundreds of workers as a result of having their industries decimated by travel bans, event cancellations, and shelter-in-place orders.

An abrupt lay-off can have negative repercussions on a worker’s income and leads to undue stress when the future seems uncertain.

However, there is relief for recently laid-off workers. Udacity is offering Nanodegree program scholarships to individuals who have experienced job loss in the United States due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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