AI Engineer Salaries: What You Can Expect to Earn in 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field and the talent market is hot. Because of this demand, AI engineer salaries continue to increase. 

According to a LinkedIn report, AI Intelligence Specialist — which is a catchall title for multiple AI-specific roles — was named one of the top 15 emerging jobs for 2020 with 74% annual growth. Not only is this an in-demand role, but AI engineers can command a top salary and report high levels of job satisfaction, making it a highly appealing career option. 

If you’re considering entering the field of AI (or upgrading your skills), it’s helpful to know what you can expect when it comes to AI engineer salaries. 

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Making The Most of Your Time at Home Through Online Learning

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At the beginning of 2020, the majority of people had a routine: Wake up, go to work or school, come home, eat and then sleep. For some, we could never wedge learning a new skill into that routine.

What we didn’t know was that very soon the world would come to such a standstill that there would be nowhere to go – no school, no offices, no bars, no restaurants, no concerts, no basketball matches, no theatre. 

Never did we imagine that millions of people across the globe could be in self-isolation and quarantine. But now that Covid-19 has forced us to be limited to our houses, let’s not make it an excuse for not being productive. Rather, let’s use this time to build a new skill and habit, like some of our students:

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6 Essential Tips For Working From Home Efficiently

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced organizations around the world to implement work from home policies, but many employees we’re not prepared to work remotely. 

Working from home effectively doesn’t happen overnight. It’s crucial to have the right set up at home to be productive. 

For more of us, working from home will be the new normal for the next few weeks or even months in some countries.

To help you evaluate your workspace, we put together essential tips that will help you avoid the distractions that working from home might pose. 

Working From Home

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Flexible & Affordable Learning to Boost your Career

Unemployed, stuck in a dead-end job, or struggling to make ends meet?

Wondering how you’ll ever get out of this cycle?

Then you’ve probably considered going back to school to get a degree and advance your career.

But with the rising costs of college tuition and other related expenses, there may not be enough room in your budget. And, even if there was, where would you find time to squeeze in yet another commitment and all of those classes?

If this situation sounds all too familiar, it’s time to learn about a new solution that’s helped over 100,000 students in more than 190 countries.

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Turn Your Quarantine into Career Credentials

Fifty years from now, we’ll all tell our grandchildren about the time the world stopped spinning. When restaurants were shuttered, businesses sent their workers home, and planes vacated the sky. And we’ll be asked what we did with all that extra time stuck at home.

What if you could say that 2020 was the lemon you turned into lemonade? The opportunity you seized to advance your career? Many are jumping at that chance, and Udacity is helping them do it— all from home.

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Stay at Home Challenge: Learn a New Skill in 30 Days

One of the best ways to pick up a new skill is by doing it. But in the past, you may not have had the time to learn a new skill.

Today, there’s never been a better time to learn something new. Stay-at-home or quarantine orders have provided you with an opportunity to learn a new skill that will help secure a better, higher-paying job.

Udacity offers thorough projects that can be completed in 30 days and gives you the skills needed to move into a new career.

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Udacity Leads Effort to Upskill Laid-Off Workers With New Scholarship

Businesses both large and small, have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, causing the economy to launch into a tailspin. 

In fact, many large corporations — including Marriott and GE Aviation — have announced that they will lay off hundreds of workers as a result of having their industries decimated by travel bans, event cancellations, and shelter-in-place orders.

An abrupt lay-off can have negative repercussions on a worker’s income and leads to undue stress when the future seems uncertain.

However, there is relief for recently laid-off workers. Udacity is offering Nanodegree program scholarships to individuals who have experienced job loss in the United States due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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