Turning New Data Skills Into A New Data Career

Data Skills - Data Career - Udacity

Yesterday, Udacity launched a new Data Scientist Nanodegree program for students with advanced programming and data analysis skills. It is the latest step in our mission to offer students multiple entry points to learn the in-demand data skills they need to enter the fast-growing world of data. The program joins our existing Data Foundations (for students new to data), Business Analyst (less technical, focused on analytics), and Data Analyst (more technically advanced) Nanodegree programs.

Graduates of our data science programs land exciting roles all the time. Today, we wanted to share the story of one of these amazing people: Arati Vaze. Arati is a graduate of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program. She recently landed a new role as a Search Language Specialist. This is a wonderful milestone for Arati, and represents a significant new stage in a journey that began in 1998. That was the year she married, left her physics lecturer job in India, and started a new life in San Jose, California. Today she is the proud mother of two teenagers, and she has an exciting career ahead of her.

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Mythbusting ‘Fail Fast’: How to Fail Better, Dare Greatly, and Learn Fast

Udacity - Intersect - Obi Felten - Fail Fast
X’s Obi Felten, on stage at Intersect 2018

Obi Felten’s rather remarkable job title is “Head Of Getting Moonshots Ready For Contact With The Real World, X, The Moonshot Factory.” In March of this year, she delivered a keynote address at our annual Intersect event. The title of her talk was “Daring Greatly: How to Fail Gracefully on the Way to Success.” In her speech, she addressed what she described as “one of those Silicon Valley cliches.” She was talking about the idea of failing fast. What she had to say about it was wonderful:

  “We don’t want to fail fast, but we do want to learn very fast.”

In a world where emerging innovators all over the world are seeking new paths to success on the strengths of their unique backgrounds, novel ideas, and deeply-felt passions, this is a critical distinction. What is important is not that we fail, but that we learn. When people are committing to making their dreams come true, and they’re finding inspiration in the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley, it’s vital that we be clear about failure’s relationship to success.

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Mentorship and Career Success

How one Udacity graduate became a superhero mentor, and built a great career in the process!

Udacity - Mentorship - Career Success

Udacity mentors do incredible work. They regularly go above and beyond for students, in the classroom and on Slack, supporting Nanodegree program students with the one-to-one help and feedback they need to ace their studies. This week we want to celebrate the hard work and achievements of one of these exceptional people.

Meet Karol Zyskowski. Even by the high standards of our mentors, Karol is a superhero. From his home in Berlin, Germany, he has completed over 1,300 one-to-one mentoring sessions with Udacity students, and written over 12,000 advice posts! This is the story of how Karol became a mentor, and what the experience has meant for his own career development as a front-end developer.

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A 5-Year Plan For Career Success

This Udacity student found the path to career success by establishing an ambitious five-year plan to land a dream job as a Data Scientist

Udacity - Path to Career Success

We’ve all struggled with motivation when it comes to launching or advancing our careers. For some of us, the big picture can feel overwhelming, and we have to adopt a one-task-at-a-time approach. For Raul Maldonado, a recent graduate of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program, the opposite approach proved the most successful. He found career success only when he established an ambitious five-year plan for himself.

The roots of his plan go all the way back to elementary school, and this is his story.

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