Enter the KUKA Robotics Challenge!

Win a week-long, all-expenses paid trip to Germany to visit the new KUKA Udacity Learning Lab at KIT. Plus, attend the NVIDIA GTC Conference in Munich. Enter the KUKA Robotics Challenge today!

Enter the KUKA Robotics Challenge - Udacity

Announcing the KUKA Robotics Challenge!

Today, we’re excited to announce a new challenge developed in collaboration with two valuable partners of our Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program—KUKA, and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It’s the KUKA Robotics Challenge, and you are invited to enter the challenge today!

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Lyft and Udacity Partner for a Self-Driving Hiring Challenge

Enter the Lyft Perception Challenge today, and earn an interview with Lyft!

Udacity - Lyft Perception Challenge

Lyft is committing its vast transportation expertise to building safer, cleaner, and more efficient communities through the development of self-driving technologies. This is tremendous news for everyone who shares Lyft’s vision for a better future. Their commitment is a significant one—in the past year alone, Lyft announced the launch of a new self-driving division, opened a 90,000 sq ft Level 5 Engineering Facility in Palo Alto, and made significant investments and partnerships in the space.

Lyft and Udacity: Driving the Future Forward

Expectations for Lyft’s new self-driving team are high, and with demand for skilled talent in the self-driving field already at a fever pitch, the company is laser-focused on attracting the best and brightest to fill dozens of open positions, and to help the company drive the future of self-driving technology forward. Udacity is thrilled to play a key role in their efforts.

A New Approach to Finding Talent

Lyft recognizes that conventional recruiting strategies no longer suffice. What is needed is a future-facing hiring model as transformative as the field they’re hiring for. To that end, Lyft is partnering with Udacity on a new approach to identifying, attracting, and hiring top candidates—engineers that possess the ideal combination of problem-solving ability, specialized skills, hand-on experience, and systems thinking.

This new collaboration builds on previous successes, as the company has already hired a number of Udacity graduates.

The Lyft Perception Challenge

Given the specific skill sets and problem-solving abilities the company is seeking, Lyft and Udacity have designed an innovative challenge to help identify the perfect candidates for Lyft’s open roles on their Level 5 Team. The Lyft Perception Challenge is a software development challenge designed to test problem solving skills in the area of Perception for Autonomous Vehicles. Top challenge participants will earn an interview with Lyft!

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Introducing AI Challenger, a $300,000 Global AI Competition for Students


Udacity - Global AI Challenger

Artificial Intelligence has hit fever pitch in China. From cutting-edge tech powerhouses to established large corporations, everyone is setting up new AI Labs, hiring new talent, and announcing new platforms. “AI First” is the order of the day in China, and the excitement around this transformational technology is incredible. Udacity is thrilled to be playing a key role, through important partnerships with companies such as Tencent, Didi Chuxing, and Alibaba.

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Compete for a Self-Driving Car Interview with Bosch’s Automated Driving Group

Udacity Bosch - Path Planning Challenge - Self Driving Car

The Bosch Group is the world’s largest automotive supplier and they are taking bold actions to achieve their mission of bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles to market by 2021. As well as investing $1.1 billion into a new, self-driving car chip manufacturing plant, they are also investing heavily in talent.

To help Bosch meet the demands of their growing Automated Driving team, Udacity is pleased to announce a Path Planning Challenge sponsored by Bosch, which will give actively enrolled students in our Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program the opportunity to showcase their skills and earn an interview for a Planning Engineer role with Bosch’s Automated Driving team.

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