Coffee Break EP38 [VIDEO]: Fail Forward

Today, we’re celebrating mistakes! Yes, you read that right. Mistakes are awesome.

Specifically, mistakes can be powerful learning tools. We see this all the time with ourselves, and with our Udacious students — mistakes are opportunities to learn, and to learn better.

Mistakes help us to problem-solve, and to test our understanding of key concepts. Sometimes, they’re a chance for us lifelong learners to simply recognize that we’ve always got more to learn.

In the spirit of failing forward, here are some memorable mistakes we’ve made! Share your best mistakes in the comments, and mention @Udacity on Twitter with #FailForward.

Inspired? Go make some mistakes! See you in class!

Start Learning

Coffee Break EP37 [VIDEO]: Facebook Data Scientist Interview

Udacity has teamed up with the Facebook Data Science team to bring you Data Analysis with R, the latest course from our Data Science track.

In the course, you’ll learn to investigate, visualize and summarize data using R. Data scientists use exploratory data analysis (EDA) as a first approach to looking for interesting trends in data sets.

Check out this great interview with Facebook Data Scientist Aude Hofleitner:

Fascinating, right? There are more interviews and data insights waiting for you in the course. See you in class!

Take This Class

Coffee Break EP36 [VIDEO]: Mobile Web Dev

Udacity, along with the Google Chrome Developer Relations team, has launched our new Mobile Web Dev course! 

Below, course instructor Chris Wilson speaks about mobile first design in a Google Developers Live course launch interview.

Here’s the full interview with Sebastian Thrun, Peter Lubbers, Chris Wilson, Colt McAnlis and Sean Bennett.

Start learning today, and create a first-class mobile experience for your web apps. See you in class! 

Coffee Break EP35 [VIDEO]: New Year’s Resolutions

What will you learn in 2014? Make a resolution to learn something new with Udacity this year! 

How will you advance your education and your career this year? Let us know in the comments what you want to learn!

Whether your goal is to start programming from scratch or to build on an existing foundation, Udacity’s interactive, project-based and self-paced online courses are a great way to learn. We’re thrilled to launch our full course experience this January, which includes personalized project feedback, guidance from coaches and verified certificates.

Coffee Break EP34 [VIDEO]: Career Tips for Online Learners

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve rounded up career tips from industry experts, as well as Udacity students who’ve used our courses to advance their careers in tech. Enjoy!

Visit our course catalog to get started learning new skills and building your online portfolio today.

Coffee Break EP33 [VIDEO]: Design Thinking with Tim Brown

The Design of Everyday Things online course features many interviews with design industry experts!

Here, learn about design thinking in an interview with Don Norman and Tim Brown, the CEO and President of design company IDEO.

Coffee Break EP32 [VIDEO]: Computer Science Education Week

If you’ve ever been curious about coding, Computer Science Education week brings you the perfect way to get started: the Hour of Code. Pick from a series of hour-long tutorials where you’ll code incredible things like a holiday card, or your first game.

For more resources after you’ve completed your Hour of Code, head over to Udacity! You can learn the programming language Python in Intro to Computer Science, Java in Intro to Programming, and even create your own mobile app using point-and-click development!