This Former Engineer Landed His Dream Career As A Data Scientist

Eric Persson - Data Scientist - Student Success - Udacity

Eric Persson completed a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management five years ago. When he graduated, he considered enrolling in Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree program, because data had become a real passion for him. At the same time, he’d just spent five years studying to become an engineer—not a data scientist—so Eric decided to follow through on the career path he’d already started.

Five years later, Eric had a great engineering job and was working in Tokyo. He liked his job, but he hadn’t shaken his interest in data. He looked again at the Data Analyst Nanodegree program and, this time, he enrolled. Right before he graduated, he landed an exceptional data scientist role with a company back home in Sweden. Now he is elated to say that he has the career he first dreamt of when he left university! This is how it happened:

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This Data Analyst Graduate Went From Job Hunting To Hired In One Week!

Udacity - Data Analyst - Student Success

After Alexandre Campino finished undergraduate and graduate studies in aerospace engineering, he took a leap into the unknown and moved to Southern California from his native Portugal. He started looking for an aerospace role, but despite two years of trying, he was unable to break into the US aerospace industry, and was forced to concede that the field appeared closed to him.

It was a tough realization, but Alexandre found a way to turn the obstacle into opportunity. He went back to the drawing board and broadened his job search. He thought hard about the skills he already had, and he looked for industries and roles where his engineering experience would be an asset. That’s when he discovered data science. He saw job opportunities in data everywhere he looked, so he was sure it was a sector in demand. Better yet, it was an industry that had immediate appeal because it used many of the data skills he’d learned throughout his graduate studies.

So Alexandre got busy—he looked at the job requirements of data roles he wanted, and set about building his skill set to meet them. Today, he is a graduate of Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree program, and he’s working in a data role at an internet company he proudly says is “the best company to work for in the country!” 

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New Country, New Skills, New Career

After moving to a new country, she discovered she needed to learn new skills. She has a great new career now (and she’s on her third Nanodegree program!)

Suhasini Gadam - New Skills New Career - Udacity

Suhasini Gadam has always believed in education as the foundation of her career. She has studied, worked hard, and excelled. She graduated from her MBA program, moved from India to the US, then completed a Master’s in Engineering Management. But then her career path hit a wall. For all her educational achievements, she couldn’t find a rewarding job in her new country. But Suhasini didn’t give up. Instead, she thought about what her resume was missing, identified the skills she needed, and enrolled in her first Nanodegree program. Now she has an exciting new job in marketing. This is her story.

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This Udacity Student Landed a Great Job in Data Analysis, Before He’d Even Graduated!

Udacity - Data Analyst - Student Success

Life can move pretty fast. One day, you’re in a good job, on the right career track, and you feel confident about your future. The next, you’ve lost your job, and questioning what to do. Moments like this can feel like a setback, but if you have the right mindset, they become opportunity. Being forced out of your comfort zone can give you a new perspective. For some, it means finding a new career in a whole new field. For others, it means realizing why you loved your old career in the first place. That’s what happened to Mads Nyborg, from Copenhagen, Denmark. Losing his data role in market research ended up being the very best thing for his data analysis career. We spoke to Mads to find out why.

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Turning New Data Skills Into A New Data Career

Data Skills - Data Career - Udacity

Yesterday, Udacity launched a new Data Scientist Nanodegree program for students with advanced programming and data analysis skills. It is the latest step in our mission to offer students multiple entry points to learn the in-demand data skills they need to enter the fast-growing world of data. The program joins our existing Data Foundations (for students new to data), Business Analyst (less technical, focused on analytics), and Data Analyst (more technically advanced) Nanodegree programs.

Graduates of our data science programs land exciting roles all the time. Today, we wanted to share the story of one of these amazing people: Arati Vaze. Arati is a graduate of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program. She recently landed a new role as a Search Language Specialist. This is a wonderful milestone for Arati, and represents a significant new stage in a journey that began in 1998. That was the year she married, left her physics lecturer job in India, and started a new life in San Jose, California. Today she is the proud mother of two teenagers, and she has an exciting career ahead of her.

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Meet The New Data Analyst Nanodegree Program!

Meet the new Data Analyst Nanodegree program - Udacity

Teaching at the forefront of technology—as we at Udacity are fortunate to do—is both exciting and challenging. To fulfill our promise to our students, it’s critical we maintain the up-to-the-minute relevance of our content at all times. Given how fast technology changes, this process is pretty much ongoing, every day. Sometimes the changes are minor; an upgrade here, a new version there. Other times, the opportunity presents itself to engage in a significant program overhaul.

A Complete Path to a Data Career

The recent launch of our Data Foundations Nanodegree program presented just such an opportunity. The addition of this new program has made it possible to now offer a complete path to a data career. But, changes to other programs in our data ecosystem—which includes the Business Analyst and Data Analyst Nanodegree programs—were necessary to fully optimize this path for our students.

We’re very excited today to share details with you about new changes we’ve made to the Data Analyst Nanodegree program.

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Put Your Soul Into It: Lifelong Learning and The Pursuit of Happiness

Student Success - Lifelong Learning - Cloud Nine - Udacity

As a young professional in the banking industry, Jennifer Tsou worked as a Relationship Banker—providing personal financial counseling, assisting with lending services, and building relationships with customers. Her university education—focused on finance and economics—provided her with the tools she needed to be successful in her role. Her career in banking afforded her stability, and the opportunity to further develop her customer relations skills. Still, she often found herself questioning her path. She occasionally indulged herself by imagining doing something different with her life and career, only to remind herself she should be happy to have a job.

Something was definitely missing.

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