Artists, Musicians, Writers, are you doing Data, Development, and Digital Marketing?

Data - Development - Digital Marketing - Udacity

The work of being a professional creative artist has changed dramatically in the last two decades. For better or worse, the onus has gone squarely and entirely onto the shoulders of artists when it comes to advancing careers. For those unprepared or unwilling to master the new suite of skills required to succeed in the digital age, the changes have been daunting at best, and career-ending at worst.

Self-promotion has always been part of the process of being a professional working artist, but the requirements run both broader and deeper today. To succeed, you must not only produce the creative work, you must also be an accountant, a promoter, a manager, a PR agent, a marketer, a designer, a developer, and more.

Does this seem overwhelming, even impossible? Rest assured, it’s not. But adapting, if you haven’t already, will take some work. Fortunately, the solutions exist. Wrap your head around the 3 Ds, and you’ll be in a great place to own and advance your career. Let’s investigate further!

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Introducing the new Data Foundations Nanodegree Program

Data Foundations Nanodegree program - Learn New Data Skills

We are very excited to announce our newest Nanodegree program at Udacity, the Data Foundations Nanodegree programWe have built this program for beginners who are ready to learn foundational data skills central to participation in the modern economy. Knowing how to collect and analyze data, create compelling data visualizations, and make data-driven decisions can have a very positive impact on your career development. Salaries for employees with data skills such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau range from $85-$92k, and these are exactly the skills you’ll learn in this new program.

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