New Country, New Skills, New Career

After moving to a new country, she discovered she needed to learn new skills. She has a great new career now (and she’s on her third Nanodegree program!)

Suhasini Gadam - New Skills New Career - Udacity

Suhasini Gadam has always believed in education as the foundation of her career. She has studied, worked hard, and excelled. She graduated from her MBA program, moved from India to the US, then completed a Master’s in Engineering Management. But then her career path hit a wall. For all her educational achievements, she couldn’t find a rewarding job in her new country. But Suhasini didn’t give up. Instead, she thought about what her resume was missing, identified the skills she needed, and enrolled in her first Nanodegree program. Now she has an exciting new job in marketing. This is her story.

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Find Your Passion And Build Your Dream Career

This Udacity graduate followed her dreams, mapped out her journey, mastered the necessary skills, and successfully launched her own company!

Udacity - Find Your Passion - Dream Career

For Sandra Girouard, enrolling in Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree program was a critical turning point on the journey toward building her dream career. Sandra went from being a mother and teacher, to being a first-time independent business owner, to embracing her true passion as a digital marketing consultant, helping individuals and organizations grow their businesses, and achieve their goals. She learned a great deal along the way, including the skills that ultimately made her dreams a reality.

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Why Digital Marketing Matters

Are you interested in exploring your potential for becoming a successful digital marketer? Enjoy a Free Preview of our Digital Marketing Nanodegree program today! This is your chance to master new skills in the new year, and unlock a new future for yourself!

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program - Free Preview

The Human Interest Factor

Marketing has always appealed to students of the human psyche.

“A marketer is like a psychologist with a competitive streak.”

There’s a thrill one gets from running a successful campaign that is unlike any other—it’s not just the sense of a job well done, though of course that’s part of it. And it’s not just about the revenue, though of course that can be satisfying as well. No, it’s something different. It’s that you know you’ve really reached people, that something you created resonated with real people.

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Artists, Musicians, Writers, are you doing Data, Development, and Digital Marketing?

Data - Development - Digital Marketing - Udacity

The work of being a professional creative artist has changed dramatically in the last two decades. For better or worse, the onus has gone squarely and entirely onto the shoulders of artists when it comes to advancing careers. For those unprepared or unwilling to master the new suite of skills required to succeed in the digital age, the changes have been daunting at best, and career-ending at worst.

Self-promotion has always been part of the process of being a professional working artist, but the requirements run both broader and deeper today. To succeed, you must not only produce the creative work, you must also be an accountant, a promoter, a manager, a PR agent, a marketer, a designer, a developer, and more.

Does this seem overwhelming, even impossible? Rest assured, it’s not. But adapting, if you haven’t already, will take some work. Fortunately, the solutions exist. Wrap your head around the 3 Ds, and you’ll be in a great place to own and advance your career. Let’s investigate further!

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Shedding The Weight

How one Udacity graduate’s personal health journey led to a better life, and a brand-new career!

People come to Udacity for many reasons, but one thing that unites them all, is that they come to pursue self-empowerment through learning. Many are tackling obstacles that stand in their way. For some, a lack of in-demand skills is preventing career advancement. For others, financial hardship is limiting their opportunities. Still others are battling obstacles like gender, age, or race bias.

For Pascal Milfeit, the story was a bit different.

Pascal was facing an obstacle too, but in his case, the obstacle was himself. This is the story of how Pascal overcame difficulties he’d put in his own way, and built a new future for himself by embracing learning as a means to a new life.

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Learn Social Media Advertising [Free Guide]

social ads guide
This guide is part of the curriculum for the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program—a comprehensive and highly interactive program that teaches you everything you need to know to become a Digital Marketer.

DMND Social Media Advertising GuideReady to learn the ins and outs of advertising on social networks like Facebook and Snapchat? Then download this exclusive free guide our expert digital marketing instructors have created. Paid social marketing strategies have emerged as one of the most consistently effective means to amplify a brand’s message on social platforms, and we want to give you the tools to succeed!

Highly targeted ads on social media help you reach exactly the people who are going to care about your offer, your products, and your services. This ability to target potential readers and customers based on demographic data, behaviors, and very specific interests is the biggest strength of social media ads.

It’s a great way to promote content, advertise products, collect contact information for your email campaigns, or drive traffic to your website or online store.

Get your free copy of the guide today!

  • Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the leading social media advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat
  • Learn how to target specific audiences, budget and schedule your campaigns, and measure the success of your ads
  • Explore unique use cases that demonstrate how and why different strategies succeed

The Social Media Advertising Guide has everything you need to start succeeding with social ads!

Who Needs Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing - Small Business

The question might be better phrased as, who doesn’t need digital marketing? The answer, for the record, is no one. This is probably not much of a revelation, however, as we’re probably all on the receiving end of digital marketing campaigns pretty much every day. What’s in your inbox right now? Shoe sales? Baseball tickets? A museum opening? Spend an hour online, and you’ll likely come to the conclusion that literally EVERYONE uses digital marketing.

And yet, no.

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