Discover Udacity Festival 2018

Celebrate community-powered learning and the audacity to produce positive change, at this 2-day virtual festival that gathers together Udacity students and alumni from around the world! RSVP for Udacity Festival 2018 today!

Udacity Festival 2018 - 2

All across the globe, everywhere you look, you’ll find Udacity students—lifelong learners who are committed to self-empowerment through education. They are young, old, and all ages in between. They are novices, and they are experts. They are entering the workforce, and re-entering the workforce. They are landing their first jobs, and they are established professionals. They speak different languages, live in different places, face different challenges, and have different opportunities. But what unites them all, is a passion for learning, and an unwavering faith in the power of education to produce positive change.

Your Invitation to Udacity Festival 2018

If you are a current student, or a member of our alumni community, then please consider this your invitation to Udacity Festival 2018!

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Introducing Udacity Talks: Live Q&As with Silicon Valley’s most influential voices


One of the amazing things about working at Udacity is all the remarkable people you get to meet and connect with.  The leaders, teachers, dreamers, builders, creators, innovators and agitators who are actively shaping our futures, who are bringing learning alive for our students—these are the people we get to interact with every day.

Now, we’re so pleased to share this experience with our students. With the launch of Udacity Talks, we are providing a rare and special opportunity to connect with some of the most amazing and influential thinkers in our Silicon Valley community!

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Tech Entrepreneurs, Are You Ready For PitchTank?


Are you ready for Udacity’s PitchTank? If you’ve got amazing ideas, have your sights set on an entrepreneurial career, and are motivated to master the necessary skills, then your answer should be yes!

What Is PitchTank?

PitchTank is an amazing new event put on by our Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree program. It’s an exclusive opportunity to pitch your idea to a top investor in a 1:1 session, and compete for a $1000 prize! If your entry is selected, you’ll get to pitch to one of these four PitchTank investors:

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Udacity Android Developers Attend Google Career Summit!

Google Career Summit, photo by Caleb Whang
Google Career Summit, photo by Caleb Whang

Google has a long history of nurturing new talent, and our partnership with them has taken on additional resonance as we’ve watched our students directly benefit from this relationship. Most recently, Google’s Career Summit proved to be an extraordinary example of this process in action.

Whether you’re an experienced or aspiring developer, you’ve probably dreamed of hearing seasoned engineers and tech stars gush over your creations, and you may have even envisioned yourself strolling through the doors of one of the world’s most prominent tech companies like royalty.

Going To Google HQ

Last month Udacity and Google made all these dreams and more come true for fifty of our Android Developer Nanodegree program students. These students—with varying backgrounds, and from all over North America—came together for four days at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View for an event dedicated to careers, student success, and Android development.

Their stories were incredible. Some were lifelong developers, while others were pretty new to coding. They were technology directors, mechanical engineers, college students, and high school teachers. Each had a unique perspective to share with their peers, as well as Udacity and Google employees.

Our student attendees spent the first few days absorbing career advice and enjoying gifts from Google employees. There was everything from life guidance to specific critiques relevant to getting Android jobs at Google. They even had the opportunity to meet with Google employees in small groups to discuss interview strategies.

The Hackathon!

The most unforgettable part of the experience was the hackathon. It was magical to see students apply what they learned in a Udacity Nanodegree program and it was even more incredible to see how everyone came together to (very quickly) concoct a mesmeric and unique Android app.

In less than 72 hours the apps were ready to present, and they amazed everyone in the audience. There was everything from interfaces beautiful and clean enough to be in the Play Store to apps crafted with complex APIs and data storage designs.

“Social Good” was the hackathon’s theme, and students all had their own ideas about what that meant to them. There was an app for keeping track of vaccines, one for helping new immigrants find necessary resources in their communities, and another to help the unemployed get back on their feet. Several of the apps took to heart the idea of social pressure as a force for good. In one app you got points for attending charity events, and in another you could be granted “good karma” for performing kind deeds. These points could be shared and used to encourage your friends and neighbors to carry out their own acts of kindness.

The “most technical app,” as selected by the judges (including our own Sebastian Thrun!), integrates a number of APIs to create an app to help the blind define their surroundings. It scans images of the user’s environment and reads out loud what is in those images, and uses the same technology to read out the contents of album photos. It also shakes to warn the user when he or she is too close to walking into an object.

Advancing Careers & Getting Hired!

All in all, students and employees learned magnitudes from each other. Students learned how to collaborate and build quickly, applying what they had learned in the classroom in a whole new way. They learned how to advance their careers. (We just heard that one of our Summit students got an offer at Amazon!) And perhaps best of all, the hackathon groups vowed to keep in touch and discussed plans for launching their apps on the Google Play Store.

On behalf of all of us at Udacity, I’d like to say thank you to Google for providing lots of time and resources to make this event so incredible. And thank you to our amazing students who’ve been working so incredibly hard! The students who attended the Summit definitely earned it, and we can’t wait to plan similar events and reward even more students in the future!

Google Q&A: Scalable Apps with Java

Why is cloud computing one of the fastest growing fields right now? Why should you learn to develop scalable apps? What’s the best way to leverage Google’s App Engine and Cloud Endpoints?

Ask the experts!


This Thursday at 9am PT, Google Developers is hosting an “Ask the Experts” Q&A session with Magnus Hyttsten and Jocelyn Becker, the instructors behind Udacity and Google’s Developing Scalable Apps with Java course.

Magnus and Jocelyn will tell you why you should think scalably, and answer questions from you and your fellow scalable developers.

Ask & vote for your questions here.

Tune in here for the show on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 9am PT.

Ask the Experts: Google Q&A on Web Performance, Android & Cloud Fundamentals

The Google Developer Advocate team – who brings you Website Performance Optimization, Android App Development, and Developing Scalable Apps – wants to answer your questions and share insights and best practices for their fields.

We’re holding Q&A sessions in the last two weeks of August for you to meet your Android, Cloud and Web Performance instructors and to ask them your burning questions.

Developing Android Apps with Reto Meier and Dan Galpin

Q&A: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 9am PT.

Ask & vote for your questions here. Tune in here for the show.

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Developing Scalable Apps with Magnus Hyttsten and Jocelyn Becker

Q&A: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 9am PT.

Ask & vote for your questions here. Tune in here for the show.

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Web Performance Optimization with Ilya Grigorik

The live show has aired, and you can tune in here for the recording!

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Why is Website Performance Optimization Critical?

What is the Critical Rendering Path?

How can you boost your site performance with PageSpeed Insights and Google Chrome’s Developer Tools?

 Ask the experts!  Ilya Grigorik and Cameron Pittman, instructors of Udacity and Google’s Website Performance Optimization mini course, will answer your questions in a Q&A on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 9am PT.
Ask & vote for your questions here.  

Tune in here for the Q&A.

Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer at Google, the author of High Performance Browser Networking (O’Reilly), and an instructor of Udacity’s Website Performance Optimization mini course. Cameron Pittman lives and breathes web development as he creates programming courses at Udacity.

 Website Performance Optimization teaches you to optimize any website for speed by diving into the details of how mobile and desktop browsers render pages. You’ll explore the Critical Rendering Path, PageSpeed Insights, and Google Chrome’s Developer Tools.

Happy optimizing!