Happy Thanksgiving from Udacity!

Happy Thanksgiving from Udacity

The tradition of setting aside a day for giving thanks goes back hundreds, even thousands of years. Here in the United States, the fourth Thursday of November has been a day of thanksgiving since Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day in 1863. In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill into law, making it “official” that the fourth Thursday of every November would be Thanksgiving Day.

So today, we pause to give thanks, and to feel thankful.

At Udacity, we have so much to be thankful for. First and foremost, our students. Without you, there is no Udacity. We are so thankful for the inspiring example that you set every day. Thankful that you have entrusted your learning to Udacity. Thankful for all you achieve, and all you bring to the world. We are thankful to know each and every one of you.

We are thankful for one another. To our fellow “Udacians,” as we like to call ourselves. It is a wonderful thing to come together in the service of helping others, and in the spirit of learning. I know for myself, I am humbled every single day by the passion, the commitment, and the dedication of my colleagues here at Udacity. I am so thankful to be a part of this community, and so thankful to work alongside this extraordinary group of people.

We are thankful to the supporters, the people who help our students grow and achieve. To the parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, mentors, and loved ones whose support for a student has made a dream possible, we say thank you! And we are thankful to everyone who supports Udacity, who helps to make our work possible. Whether you funded a scholarship, or simply retweeted an announcement, we thank you. We thank you for acting on our behalf, because in doing so, you act on behalf of our students.

We are thankful for our partners and collaborators. The individuals and companies whose expertise makes our curriculum better. The individuals and companies whose commitment to hiring the best talent—regardless of background or circumstances—makes the dreams of our students come true. The individuals and companies who have come together to help us create new opportunities for more lifelong learners across the globe.

We are thankful to be alive and working in these remarkable times. When so much is at stake, and so much is possible. When a brighter future for the world looms. Our students are the future of the world, and we are thankful for the hope this instills in us. As you have put your learning in our hands, we put our future in yours, and we do so with gratitude for the world we know you’ll build.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, from all at Udacity.

A New Path To A Technology Career

How one lifelong learner without a computer science degree studied deep learning with Udacity and landed an engineering job!

Kelcey Morton - Udacity - Student Success

There are many ways to launch, advance, or change a career. Earning a four-year degree in a related field has long been considered the “traditional” approach, but it’s certainly not the only option. This is particularly important to understand when considering technical jobs, or jobs in technical fields, because what used to be considered “alternative” paths are fast becoming viable norms.

Kelcey Morton knows this firsthand, because she found her own unique path to a technology career. She doesn’t have a computer science degree; she majored in International Relations as an undergraduate.Yet today, she works at HackerOne in an engineering role.

This is the story of how she did it.

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Don’t Let An Intimidating Skills List Keep You From Applying For The Job

Applying for the job - Udacity

Everyone who’s gone looking for a job knows the feeling. You find a job listing that sounds perfect for you. You start to read it. You get excited. Then you come to the skills list, and you instantly deflate. I don’t know how to do all that, you think. I’m not qualified.

Does this sound like you? If it does, rest assured you’re not alone. More importantly, you don’t have to feel that way!

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Introducing Udacity’s Google AdWords Nanodegree Program

Google AdWords Nanodegree Program

Digital marketers enjoy a unique degree of demand, because digital marketing skills are valuable to virtually any industry. Whether it’s a global corporation or a regional non-profit, digital marketing is invariably part of any company’s strategies for success, and this is why skilled digital marketers are so valued—everybody needs them.

All digital marketers are not created equal, however. Many are generalists, some are specialists, but only a small percentage of digital marketers successfully combine 360-knowledge of the entire digital marketing ecosystem, with specialized expertise in especially valuable arenas.

The Google AdWords Nanodegree Program

Arguably the most important specialization in today’s digital marketing world is Google AdWords. Which is why we’re so excited to announce our newest offering, the Udacity Google AdWords Nanodegree program!

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Free Preview of our Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program!

Free Preview - Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program

We recently announced some exciting new additions to our Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program. These new layers of depth and complexity contribute to a learning experience that we truly believe offers the very best point-of-entry into the world of deep learning and artificial intelligence.

We’re so excited by these additions, that we’ve decided to invite everyone to a free preview of the classroom!

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Announcing Mobile Design and Usability, a new free course with Facebook

Udacity - Facebook - Mobile Design and Usability,

Udacity is very excited to announce the latest in our new series of developer courses built in collaboration with Facebook! The new course is entitled Mobile Design and Usability, and is available for both iOS and Android developers. This launch follows on the heels of our Passwordless Login Solutions course, and with this new offering, the focus is on designing intuitive, user-centered mobile apps.

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Deep Learning with Udacity Adds New Layers

Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program

When the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program launched in January of 2017, it was the first comprehensive program of its kind, offering an unrivaled opportunity to master one of the world’s most transformational technologies. Since then, more than 10,000 students have enrolled. Together, these students represent the future. They are the next generation of deep learning experts who will define how these technologies change our world for the better.

The energy and dynamism in the deep learning space is incredible, and we are challenged every day to continue delivering the best learning experience on the planet. As the field of deep learning grows in both complexity and opportunity, so too must our program deepen and intensify.

This is why we are so excited today to announce incredible new additions to our Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program!

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