Flying Car Nanodegree Program: Applications Open

Applications are now open for the Flying Car Nanodegree program! Apply today to build the future of smart transportation, and take your innovations to the skies!

Flying Car Nanodegree program - Udacity

The most practical career move for today’s engineer is to work on the most wildly ambitious technologies in existence. This may seem like counterintuitive career advice, but lifelong learners at the cutting-edge are uniquely positioned to succeed in their careers, and to shape our future.

Join the Inaugural Class of Flying Car Engineers!

Today we are thrilled to open applications for our most ambitious program yet—the Flying Car Nanodegree program! Successful applicants will join a growing vanguard of highly-skilled autonomous flight engineers who are redefining the future of transportation and aerial robotics.

Are you ready for a future in this transformational field? Apply by February 7, and take your place in the historic inaugural class. You can even earn a special “Early Adopter” first-term tuition offer! Read on for additional details about this program, and this special pricing opportunity.

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Flying Cars vs. Self-Driving Cars

How do the Flying Car and Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Programs Differ?

Flying Car - Self-Driving Car - Udacity

There are many similarities in the technical challenges that need to be addressed when building any autonomous vehicle, whether it’s designed to travel in the air, on the ground, or underwater.

But there are key differences as well—different technologies that represent the “big rocks” that need to be overcome—and it is these differences that inform the content and structures of our two advanced smart transportation programs: the Flying Car Nanodegree program, and the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program.

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Building The Future of Smart Transportation

Udacity Introduces the Flying Car Nanodegree Program

Flying Car Nanodegree program - Udacity - blog

Transportation innovation has powered dramatic growth across industries, cultures, and geographies for centuries. From the covered wagon to self-driving cars on the ground, and from hot air balloons to drones in the sky, our world has changed as we’ve developed new ways to traverse it, and as technology progresses, the lines between ground and air begin to disappear.

Introducing the Flying Car Nanodegree program

The idea of a ‘Flying Car” is metaphor for a new vision for the future of smart transportation. In launching a Flying Car Nanodegree program, our goal is to teach a new generation of engineers the skills necessary to build this smart transportation future. We want to teach students to push beyond the current generation of quadrotors and remote-controlled drones, and give them the skills to create autonomous flight vehicles that will be crucial to the transportation systems of the future.

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