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Udacity Introduces the Flying Car Nanodegree Program

Flying Car Nanodegree program - Udacity - blog

Transportation innovation has powered dramatic growth across industries, cultures, and geographies for centuries. From the covered wagon to self-driving cars on the ground, and from hot air balloons to drones in the sky, our world has changed as we’ve developed new ways to traverse it, and as technology progresses, the lines between ground and air begin to disappear.

Introducing the Flying Car Nanodegree program

The idea of a ‘Flying Car” is metaphor for a new vision for the future of smart transportation. In launching a Flying Car Nanodegree program, our goal is to teach a new generation of engineers the skills necessary to build this smart transportation future. We want to teach students to push beyond the current generation of quadrotors and remote-controlled drones, and give them the skills to create autonomous flight vehicles that will be crucial to the transportation systems of the future.

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