Becoming A Developer

This Udacity graduate put everything on the line to pursue a new career. He discovered he had real ability, and found his new life direction!

Full Stack Web Developer - Udacity

Samuel Almeida is a natural planner. He loves the sense of purpose and direction he gets from setting a goal, and then achieving it. Since his childhood in Teófilo Otoni, Brazil, Samuel had a plan for his life. It began as just an idea, but as he got older, and pursued undergraduate and graduate studies, he became certain that he was heading towards a pharmaceutical career. When he landed his first job in the field, it felt like the realization of a dream that had been years in the making.

He started a job in drugs research in Belo Horizonte, and seemed firmly set on his path. But he was in for a surprise. Samuel discovered his job—and the pharmaceutical industry—didn’t suit him at all. He didn’t feel challenged by the projects he was working on, and he didn’t see any way to grow or develop. It was a tough thing to accept. He’d spent years of his life, and considerable expense, on preparing for a particular field. Now that he’d made it, the reality didn’t thrill him, and he wasn’t happy.

At that point, it didn’t occur to him that he could, or would, actually change careers, he just knew he needed to find something to re-energize himself.

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Managing Mid-Career Career Change

This Udacity graduate undertook a major career change to become a Software Developer, after 30 years in other industries!

Mid-Career Career Change

Richard Morgan is a long-time Texas resident and a graduate of our Full-Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program. Richard recently started a new career as a software developer after 30 years working in other industries. He was able to relocate to his favorite part of Texas—College Station. He’s loving his new company and workload, and his family is loving life in their new home. It’s a dream come true for Richard, but achieving it took an incredible amount of hard work, and he had to overcome many challenges along the way.

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From Freelance to Full Time

Luis Yoshida - Freelance to Full Time - Udacity Student Success

The move from freelance to full time is a significant transition, and it’s not always an easy one to navigate. In this post we talk with Luis Yoshida, a Full Stack Web Developer here at Udacity. Luis worked as a code reviewer and freelance web developer prior to joining Udacity full time, and in our interview below, Luis details his journey and offers advice on how to ask questions, find your next full-time job, and thrive in a new work environment.

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