Introducing Udacity’s Google AdWords Nanodegree Program

Google AdWords Nanodegree Program

Digital marketers enjoy a unique degree of demand, because digital marketing skills are valuable to virtually any industry. Whether it’s a global corporation or a regional non-profit, digital marketing is invariably part of any company’s strategies for success, and this is why skilled digital marketers are so valued—everybody needs them.

All digital marketers are not created equal, however. Many are generalists, some are specialists, but only a small percentage of digital marketers successfully combine 360-knowledge of the entire digital marketing ecosystem, with specialized expertise in especially valuable arenas.

The Google AdWords Nanodegree Program

Arguably the most important specialization in today’s digital marketing world is Google AdWords. Which is why we’re so excited to announce our newest offering, the Udacity Google AdWords Nanodegree program!

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