How to Stick to Your New Year’s Learning Resolutions

With January 2019 officially in the history books, many of us are likely contemplating the New Year’s resolutions we made just a few weeks ago. Whether you aimed to go to the gym seven days a week, get your finances in order, or limit your social media use, there’s a strong statistical likelihood that your earnestly-made resolutions are already looking a little…frayed.

But help is here! When it comes to keeping people focused on building their skills, maintaining focus, and seeing things through to completion, we’d humbly suggest we know a couple things. So here are our tips for creating learning resolutions you’ll actually keep.

Computer and notebook work

Be clear on your goals

It’s a great instinct to want to be audacious and learn something new. Setting yourself a challenging goal and achieving it is what Udacity is all about. But it’s important to frame ambitious goals properly—you need to think about your motivation to achieve the goal, and you should be clear on the steps you must take to reach it.

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How to Build an App: First Steps

How To Build An App - Udacity

So you have a brilliant idea for a new smartphone app and want to know how to get started? Great! In this post you’ll find out how to build an app, and start transforming your creative idea into a finished product that people can download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. We’ll help you understand the critical importance of research, and make it clear why you need to be passionate about your app concept. We’ll help you identify the different skills you’ll need to succeed, and explore valuable design concepts that you can use to build the best experience for your future users.

Let’s begin with research.

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