Tech Entrepreneurs, Are You Ready For PitchTank?


Are you ready for Udacity’s PitchTank? If you’ve got amazing ideas, have your sights set on an entrepreneurial career, and are motivated to master the necessary skills, then your answer should be yes!

What Is PitchTank?

PitchTank is an amazing new event put on by our Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree program. It’s an exclusive opportunity to pitch your idea to a top investor in a 1:1 session, and compete for a $1000 prize! If your entry is selected, you’ll get to pitch to one of these four PitchTank investors:

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[Infographic] A Year of Udacity Achievements and Milestones!


When you’ve enjoyed a year like we have—front-and-center for so many incredible student successes—it’s almost impossible to explain the feelings of achievement, let alone quantify the accomplishments. But we’ve done our very best to try and capture some of the remarkable highlights, and we’re excited to share our new infographic with you!

When we were beginning the process of assembling the numbers contained in this infographic, we knew a few things ahead of time, of course. But that didn’t make some of the realizations any less dramatic or moving. That we are now reaching students in 168 countries was certainly a known thing, yet … wow! 168 countries! This is so humbling and exciting both, and we’ve only just begun.

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Traits & Skills of a Tech Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Traits & Skills of a Successful Tech Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs are either crazy, risk-embracing visionaries unafraid to gamble everything to bring their radical innovations to life, or they’re not.

Chances are, they’re not.

Owning your own successful business does require a bit of an independent streak perhaps, but what you really need are a broad set of skills, a good deal of relevant experience, and a willingness to try and try again.

There are probably as many reasons why people want to be entrepreneurs as there are new businesses launching, and while your journey will ultimately be unique to you, it can be very helpful to understand what motivates other like-minded travelers — what their challenges and opportunities are, and how they rise above the former and take advantage of the latter.

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4 Ways to Pick Your First Programming Language

If you haven’t picked your first programming language, the programming world is your oyster. Yet with evangelists for every language telling you their language is the best, choosing one to start with can be incredibly overwhelming. We’ve looked at the data for the top ten programming languages in the US (based on IEEE Spectrum data) to help you pick the best language to start with based on your priorities in lifestyle, location, and career potential.

Python is a popular, well-paid language, being versatile enough to be used in many different applications, while Javascript is used widely across the country, and can be a good choice if you don’t want to relocate for a job. Although some newer programming languages, such as Swift, are not included, you shouldn’t discount the growth of their popularity. Career opportunities in iOS development using Swift, similar to Android development using Java, will increase as the field of mobile app development continues to expand.

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