Udacity and Unity unite for expanded VR and AR content offerings

Udacity - Unity - VR AR - Learn ARKit

Today’s announcement is all about potential. The potential for developers to reach more users than we ever thought possible. The potential for creative-minded innovators to redefine the power of visual narrative. The potential for entire industries—healthcare, education, entertainment, real estate, retail, automotive, and more—to fundamentally change how they impact and inform the customers they serve. The world of immersive technology is poised for explosive growth, and with Apple’s recent news that ARKit is coming to 400 million iOS devices this year, the revolution has arrived.

Into this new era come Udacity and Unity, offering world-class content, and a world of opportunity for aspiring developers and creators.

Learn ARKit

ARKit is now the largest immersive technology platform in the world, and Udacity is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for developers to Learn ARKit. This new program is built in collaboration with Unity, the biggest global name in mobile VR development. For any developer seeking to launch or advance a career in the field of immersive technology, learning ARKit represents a significant competitive advantage.

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