Machine Learning at Udacity Goes Deeper

We just unlocked a Free Preview of our Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program! Discover amazing new content, and explore your future in Machine Learning, today!

Machine Learning - Udacity

The Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program has been one of Udacity’s benchmark programs for over 2 years. Thousands of students have graduated the program, and many have gone on to great careers at companies like Google, Amazon, and more. As technology evolves, so does our curriculum, and we think much of the program’s success can be attributed to keeping the content up-to-the-minute current.

In this post, I’m going to share some exciting new updates to our Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program, including enhanced sections on Reinforcement Learning, Supervised Learning, and Unsupervised Learning, plus more conceptual content, new labs, and a cutting-edge quadcopter project!

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