Introducing Microsoft and Udacity’s New Training Collaboration and the Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure

In line with our mission to train the world’s workforce in the careers of the future, Udacity is thrilled to announce brand new training programs with Microsoft to help professionals learn highly coveted skills with Microsoft. This collaboration kicks off with the Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure, opening today, through which students will have an opportunity to earn a scholarship to the new machine learning Nanodegree program with Microsoft Azure.

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The Pathway to New Collar Jobs

As industries grow more reliant on technology and the skills needed to meet their new and changing demands, a new job category has emerged: new-collar jobs. IBM CEO Gini Rometty introduced the term “new-collar jobs” to refer to the in-demand technical skills that are obtained through vocational training, like Udacity’s Nanodegree Programs, opposed to a traditional four-year college. 

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we’re experiencing more job loss than ever before. New-collar jobs offer an accessible and valuable way for workers to quickly break into tech-focused industries that offer stable careers with a lot of growth potential. 

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AI vs Machine Learning: What’s the Difference?

It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation about technology without mentioning artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML). 

These terms are cropping up everywhere in conversations about how tech is changing the world and streamlining our lives. However, AI and ML are often used interchangeably, making the difference between the two even less clear. 

In this post that explores AI vs machine learning, we’ll take a step back and examine what sets these disciplines apart and exactly how they’re shaping the future of tech. 

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