Udacity Mentor Spotlight: Meet Elisa Romondia a Pioneer in Blockchain Development

Learning something new is a process that takes time, dedication, and support. And while independent study is imperative, having a trusted ally, a mentor, throughout your learning journey is equally as important. That’s why mentorship is an integral part of every Udacity Nanodegree program. 

Meet Elisa Romondia, a Data Scientist, Blockchain Developer, Udacity Mentor, and so much more. Elisa is on the Forbes list “60 Women-Led Startups That Are Shaking Up Tech Across The Globe” and co-founder of the open-source Devoleum project. She’s also received many awards like StarHer Awards‘17 and InspiringFifty, and prioritizes inspiring young girls to get involved in the STEM world.

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Mentors & Students – Charting their success path with Udacity’s School of Data Science

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Data science is one of the fastest emerging technologies globally. In fact, our School of Data Science is one of the most popular fields of study. The job market has also been showing signs of the immense demand for qualified data professionals over the last few years. Professionals in this field like Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers are also witnessing a demand. This has led to a need for more specialized learning. Our School of Data Science offers various specialized Nanodegree programs in some of these fields. 

It has always been our mission to help our students succeed and our mentors have played an important role in helping us make that happen. Learn more about Chrysanthi, a Udacity mentor from our School of Data Science who’s been able to chart out success for her mentee Manal.

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Mentor Story – Karan Thacker

Become a Mentor

Here at Udacity, student success is of paramount importance to us and our network of mentors helps us to achieve this objective. So here’s to the mentors like Karan Thacker who have gone the extra-mile to support Udacity students.

In our last blog we talked about the inspiring story of Karan and his student Tae-Hee. Here’re some excerpts of our conversation with him.

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