Udacity Launches Mobile Developer Education with Facebook at F8

Udacity and Facebook

There is a world of opportunity out there, but in order to build successful mobile experiences at scale, those experiences need to be simple and personalized. That’s why Udacity is so excited to announce we’re teaming up with Facebook to offer new courses for developers!

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6 New Udacity Courses: Beginner to Advanced, and all for FREE!

New Udacity Courses - Udacity Instrutors

From the day I first joined Udacity, I have been deeply impressed by the extent to which my colleagues self-identify as educators. At heart, Udacity really is a company of teachers. So writing about our courses is one of my favorite activities, and probably needless to say, new courses excite me like a child on a holiday morning!

It’s accordingly a real pleasure to introduce you to some new offerings. These courses run from Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advanced, and they cover a wide range of topics, but they’re all united by two things: 1) they’re free, and 2) they’re all taught by wonderful teachers.

Let’s begin with the beginners …

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