Diving into the Product Manager Role with Aubrey Cattell, Adobe VP of Product

As business leaders fill more Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Data Analytics positions in their organizations, the need to ensure alignment between tech and other functions is being recognized as an urgent priority and gap in many enterprises. 

Today, where most companies are product-centric companies, the Product Management function must collaborate with almost every other team in the organization. The role of Product Management is therefore becoming more critical than ever.

In our latest playbook for a Great Product Team webinar, Aubrey Cattell, Vice President of Product at Adobe, shared his insights on the evolving Product Manager role with Cary Fulbright, our Head of Enterprise Marketing.

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Early Access to Course 2 of Our Data Product Manager ND Launches Today

In keeping with our mission to upskill the workforce of tomorrow, we’re excited to announce that we’re giving early access to the second course in our upcoming Data Product Manager Nanodegree program.

Access to the first course, Applying Data Science to Product Management, has been available since June. As of today, Establishing Data Infrastructure, the second course in the Nanodegree program, is also open for enrollment at 30% off!

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Top Trends in Product Management to Watch

Five years ago, the role of the product manager was unclear. Some companies conflated product managers with project managers, while others treated them as a liaison to the engineering team. As time has gone by, product managers have clearly defined their roles within organizations, stepping up as leaders in executing product vision and strategy while driving revenue for the business. 

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While most other jobs have increased in demand by a steady 6.6% in the last two years, product manager roles have increased by 32%. Additionally, product managers make an average salary of $108,000 according to Glassdoor

If the availability of jobs and the promise of a good income make this field sound appealing to you, check out these top trends in product management so you can stay informed.

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