Applications for 15,000 Scholarships Funded by Bertelsmann are Now Open!

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This program is now closed to applications. Visit our Scholarships page for current opportunities!

Bertelsmann is funding 15,000 scholarships in Data, AI, and Cloud-Computing in partnership with Udacity, and we are proud to announce that applications are now open. As we shared earlier this year, this new scholarship program–part of a three-year commitment by Bertelsmann to fund 50,000 scholarships–is an expansion of our partnership and of our joint efforts to increase learning opportunities in emerging technologies to students across the globe. 

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Story of Mateusz Zatylny – Building an autonomous wheelchair

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Every day we come across many inspiring stories of our students succeeding in various fields. Some make us happy, some make us proud, and then there are some that are so remarkable they make us realize the profound impact our students can have on society. 

We came across one such story recently of Mateusz Zatylny, a recipient of the Udacity Pytorch Scholarship and the Udacity Facebook Secure and Private AI Scholarship, who is now building an autonomous technology driven wheelchair along with a group of Udacians he met during the Pytorch Scholarship program. Mateusz is a patient of generalized Dystonia, a movement disorder that is not limited to a single part of the body. But that clearly didn’t deter him from achieving great things. He can’t control his wheelchair by himself, so he decided to build an autonomous technology driven wheelchair that could help him and many more to safely maneuver through daily life.

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Facebook Scholarship Fuels a Passion for Deep Learning

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Last week we announced our latest collaboration with Facebook: Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge. This program builds on the previous momentum, aimed at a further expansion of student access to deep learning and AI tools. Just seven months ago we launched the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook which saw 18,000 applications, 10,000 challenge scholars, and 300 full scholarship students from 149 countries starting the Deep Learning Nanodegree program in January.

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Announcing the Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge with Facebook

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Today, we are pleased to announce our newest offering to expand students’ deep learning and AI skills: the Secure and Private AI Challenge Scholarship from Facebook.

This new scholarship program, announced at F8, the Facebook Developer Conference in San Jose, will enable students to acquire skills in Federated Learning, Differential Privacy, and Encrypted Computation with the benefit of robust community support from Udacity. You will learn how to use the newest privacy-preserving technologies, such as OpenMined’s PySyft. PySyft extends PyTorch and other deep learning tools with the cryptographic and distributed technologies necessary to safely and securely train AI models on distributed private data while maintaining users’ privacy. Students will also have the opportunity to earn their way to a full scholarship to either the Deep Learning Nanodegree program or the Computer Vision Nanodegree program with Udacity.

The Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge from Facebook

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Apply for the Udacity KPIT Autonomous Tech Scholarship Today

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Udacity and KPIT have created a new scholarship for aspiring autonomous vehicle engineers in India. Successful applicants will enter Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program, and top performers will earn a job interview with KPIT!

Udacity - KPIT - Autonomous Tech Scholarship (3)

Today we’re pleased to announce the Autonomous Tech Scholarship, a new venture with global technology company KPIT. We have partnered with KPIT to offer scholarship opportunities to residents of India who are eager to enter the world of autonomous technology, and advance their careers in this transformational space.

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Sean Medlin: A ‘Grow with Google Developer Scholarship’ Success Story

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This deserving scholarship recipient overcame incredible odds to earn this opportunity, and he’s now on the path to achieving a career dream he’s harbored since childhood!

Sean Medlin - Grow With Google - Scholarship - Udacity - Student Success

Sean Medlin is a young man, but he’s already experienced a great deal of hardship in his life. He’s had to overcome the kinds of obstacles that too often stop people’s dreams in their tracks, but he’s never given up. Sustained by a lifelong love for computers, an unshakeable vision for his future, and a fierce commitment to learning, Sean has steadfastly pursued his life and career goals. He’s done so against the odds, often without knowing whether anything would pan out.

Today, Sean Medlin is a Grow with Google Developer Scholarship recipient, on active duty in the US Air Force, with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. He’s married to a woman he says is “the best in the world” and he’s just become a father for the second time. It’s been a long journey for a boy who lost his sister to cancer before he’d reached adulthood, and whose official education record listed him as having never made it past the eighth grade.  

But Sean keeps finding a way forward.  

The experience of getting to know people like Sean is almost too powerful to describe, but experiences like these are at the heart of why the Grow with Google Developer Scholarship is such an impactful initiative for us. It’s one thing to read the numbers at a high level, and feel joy and amazement that literally thousands of deserving learners have been able to advance their lives and careers through the scholarship opportunities they’ve earned. However, it’s an entirely different experience to witness the transformative power of opportunity at the individual, human level. One person. Their life. Their dreams. Their challenges, and their successes.

It’s our pleasure and our honor to introduce you to Sean Medlin, and to share his story.

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Introducing the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook

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UPDATE: This scholarship program has ended, but you can enroll in the free Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch course! 

Earn a scholarship from Facebook and Udacity, and learn how to build, train, and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models with PyTorch. Apply today!

PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook - Udacity

Today, we’re pleased to share details of our newest offering to rapidly expand students’ machine learning skills —the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook.

PyTorch is an open source deep learning framework that’s quickly become popular with AI researchers for its ease of use, clean Pythonic API, and flexibility. With the preview release of PyTorch 1.0, developers can now seamlessly move from exploration to production deployment using a single, unified framework.

This new scholarship program, announced today at the PyTorch Developer Conference, offers participants the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge skills in deep learning using PyTorch, and earn a full scholarship to Udacity’s Deep Learning Nanodegree program.

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