Understanding the Benefits of AI

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to increase, and it’s anticipated that the global AI market will be valued at over $190 billion by 2025. As this growing market continues to flourish, so do both the benefits of AI. 

First introduced back in the 1950s, AI has evolved tremendously over the past 65 years. While initially it was used in more technical settings, like specialized computer labs, adoption has grown to the point where AI is integrated in our everyday lives. 

With AI becoming part of how we work and live, it’s important to understand how it will be used in our day-to-day lives and how you can make an impact in the industry.

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Self-driving Car Engineer Salary: What You Can Expect in 2020

Self-driving cars are no longer just a part of science fiction movies. If you visit San Francisco, odds are you will see a self-driving car from Uber or Cruise roaming the streets — with a supervisor sitting behind the wheel, of course.

Tesla has been selling cars with self-driving capabilities for years. Their Autopilot feature can “steer, accelerate and brake automatically” and even be summoned within a parking lot.

If you shop for a car in 2020, you’ll be able to choose from multiple options that can self-park. In fact, they can probably pass their parallel parking driver’s test better than you can!

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How these learners changed their lives with the Intro to Machine Learning Nanodegree program

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Last week, we launched the Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow Nanodegree program. After this launch, our learners can now choose between PyTorch and TensorFlow frameworks of Deep Learning. 

In order to understand the industry uptake of this emerging technology, we connected with some of our alumni of the Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch Nanodegree program. Here’s what they said about the impact of the Nanodegree program on their lives. 

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From a Web Developer to a Machine Learning Engineer | Student Story

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Post the launch of our all-new Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow Nanodegree program, we spoke to one of our graduates from the Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch Nanodegree program, who is now a Machine Learning Engineer, to check how the program helped him redefine his career.

“Today I work as a machine learning engineer, it’s like a dream come true,” chuckles the very excited Omkar Sahasrabudhe. Omkar moved from being an intern to a Web Developer and now a Machine Learning Engineer in just a little over a year. This is his story.

From a Web Developer to a Machine Learning Engineer

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Introducing the Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow Nanodegree Program

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The field of machine learning continues to boast incredible job growth, salaries, and skill sets that can be used in many different industries. Google utilizes this technology in their Cloud product to allow startups to build machine learning models that work on data of any size, while GE utilizes IoT to help detect and prevent anomalies and crashes in their products. These are just a snapshot of the numerous applications of machine learning in the market today that display the potential for an exponential amount of professional expansion. Currently, just in the US alone, there are over 50,000 open roles for machine learning professionals, so now is the time to develop machine learning expertise!

In LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs report, AI Specialist, a role that includes machine learning, deep learning, TensorFlow, and Python as key skills, boasts 74% annual growth. All of the above skills are incorporated into Udacity’s new Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow Nanodegree program, which is a great way to get introduced to the fundamentals of machine learning, including areas like manipulating data, supervised & unsupervised learning, and deep learning.

So what is TensorFlow, and how is it being utilized today? TensorFlow is a deep learning framework made by Google for creating machine learning (ML) models that use multi-layer neural networks. The TensorFlow library allows users to perform functions by creating computational graphs. AirBnB utilizes TensorFlow to improve the guest experience to categorize listing photos by classifying images and detecting objects at scale. Coca-Cola uses TensorFlow to enable mobile proof-of-purchase at scale, while PayPal uses TensorFlow to detect fraud, and Twitter uses TensorFlow to rank tweets, highlighting the broad and powerful range of applications.

Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow Nanodegree Program

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From fleeing Syria to finding himself – Omar Albeik | Student Story

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Omar Albeik - Udacity Student

Challenges make you push your boundaries and help you grow. So when Omar was left with no choice but to leave his country due to war in Syria, he decided to transition his career. And in this journey, he chose Udacity as a partner.

Omar enrolled for iOS Developer Nanodegree program to begin with and then skilled himself with multiple Nanodegree programs including Android Basics, Front End, React and Deep Learning Foundation

We are proud to have enabled Omar to change his life. Here’s his story in his own words. 

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Udacity Announces New Scholarship Program for Edge Development with Intel

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Today, we are proud to announce our newest scholarship to expand students’ AI skills: the Intel® Edge AI Scholarship Program.

This new scholarship program, announced at the Intel AI Summit and the Future of Education and Workforce Summit in San Francisco, will empower professional developers interested in advanced learning, specifically deep learning and computer vision, to accelerate the development and deployment of high-performance computer vision and deep learning solutions. Computer vision and AI at the edge are becoming instrumental in powering everything from factory assembly lines and retail inventory management to hospital urgent care medical imaging equipment like X-ray and CAT scans. This program will teach fluency in some of the most cutting-edge technologies.

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