An Insider’s Guide to Keeping Up with the AI Experts

The Machine Learning community is busy sharing new research and insights on Twitter, and this is an extensive list of recommended AI researchers and pioneers to follow.

Udacity - Follow AI Experts on Social Media

Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rocket’s pace, and every year the field looks fundamentally different than the year before. It’s often difficult to keep up with all the news and exciting results. The best way I’ve found is to follow the machine learning community on Twitter. This community lives on Twitter, sharing new research and insights, opinions, jokes, and just generally supporting each other. Keeping track of advancements in AI is not only fun but will also help in interviews by demonstrating to hiring managers your investment in the field.

To get you started following the machine learning community, here’s a fairly extensive list of AI researchers and pioneers I’m following.

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Meet the Instructor, Ortal Arel of the School of AI

Udacity’s AI Programming with Python Nanodegree program was updated this week, with additional Python lessons, a new project where students will learn how to use a pre-trained image classifier, and a new visual calculus lesson. As these changes go live, we’d love to introduce you to the program’s instructor and Curriculum Lead, Ortal Arel.

AI Curriculum Lead Quote

Hi Ortal! Can you start by telling us a little about your background? What did you do before becoming Udacity’s Curriculum Lead for the AI Programming with Python Nanodegree program?

I’ve always had a passion for math, and teaching science and engineering. I studied electrical and computer engineering as an undergraduate, where I became interested in pursuing graduate studies in intelligent algorithms for embedded systems—such as mobile devices. I received my PhD, then I began teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in signals and systems, logic design, and applied cryptography at the University of Tennessee.

Was there a particular moment that really sparked your passion for AI, when you knew it was what you wanted to do with your career?

My initial fascination with the world of AI started with my research in embedded systems. I worked on the design and analysis of intelligent algorithms for high speed digital architectures. Learning more about intelligent algorithms led to a passion for Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning. I’ve been increasingly amazed with all the ML applications being applied to help better society, like those used in healthcare systems, in agriculture, in automated driving, and more. Prior to the emergence of machine learning as a discipline for addressing challenging data science problems, signal processing was the prevailing approach. Given the many mathematical similarities between the analytical tools behind signal processing and machine learning, I was able to fairly quickly learn about the recent advances in ML and AI.

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Schools Make it Easier to Chart your Learning and Career Path

As a lifelong learner, your journey of discovery is ongoing. To ensure you’re able to make the best choices to achieve your unique life and career goals, our Nanodegree programs are organized into schools that offer clear roadmaps to success.

Udacity - Career Path

Is there such a thing as too much choice? When it comes to learning, we don’t think so. But, having a wide range of learning options at your disposal can make charting your own path to career success complicated. Each of us brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table, each of us has our own unique sense of work values, and each of us aims to represent a unique value to prospective employers. But even with a clear end goal in sight, it can be challenging to determine what exactly you need to do to reach your career goals. 

With 30 different Nanodegree programs available, Udacity offers a wide range of learning opportunities. But how do you know what to take, and when to take it?

That’s where Udacity’s “Schools” can help!

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This Udacity Graduate Has A New Artificial Intelligence Career!

Willian Ver Valem Paiva has come a long way—both geographically, and in his career. He’s gone from Brazil to France, via Ireland, and he’s recently landed an incredible new role as a Lead Artificial Intelligence Engineer at a start-up in Bordeaux.

Udacity - Around the World - Student Success

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Willian spent hours working out how to program his computer. It became his passion, and he knew he wanted a career working with computers. When he started looking at universities, he found he simply couldn’t afford the expensive fees to pursue a computer science program in Brazil. What he found instead was a company that would sponsor him to study engineering. It wasn’t the subject he loved, but at least it was a degree program. Within a few years however, he realized he’d made the wrong choice, so he did something very bold. He emptied his savings, left his program, and got on a plane.

This is the story of what happened next.

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Introducing the Artificial Intelligence for Trading Nanodegree Program

Enroll today! Learn to build financial models with real data and get hands-on experience with natural language processing, deep learning and more!

Introducing the Artificial Intelligence for Trading Nanodegree Program - Udacity

Companies are getting serious about artificial intelligence across a wide range of industries, and innovators in finance and trading have been notable early adopters. As detailed in The Wall Street Journal, “investors now have at their fingertips an expanding ocean of data about the global economy and financial data, such as changes in earnings estimates and accounts receivable.” Traders who can leverage data and technology, including artificial intelligence, are gaining significant ground accordingly:

“Quantitative hedge funds are now responsible for 27% of all U.S. stock trades by investors, up from 14% in 2013.”

It’s no surprise that talent wars are heating up in this field. One need look no further than this headline to understand that finance, and trading in particular, is entering a new era: Silicon Valley keeps losing top talent to quant hedge funds.

Udacity and WorldQuant partner to launch the Artificial Intelligence for Trading Nanodegree program

Our research found that there is massive interest in learning how to build financial models for trading, particularly among data analysts, software engineers, and programmers with Python skills. This is why we’re so excited to announce our new Artificial Intelligence for Trading Nanodegree program! We’re especially pleased to have partnered with WorldQuant, a global quantitative asset management firm, to build this program, as it brings together our groundbreaking learning platform with one of the true pioneers in the quantitative trading space.

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Udacity’s School of Artificial Intelligence Opens the New Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree Program for Enrollment

Enroll today in the new Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree program!

Udacity - Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree Program

The world of Artificial Intelligence offers a wealth of opportunity for those interested in the field, and the applications of this transformational technology are so wide-reaching that there are virtually no limits to the paths you might pursue. Udacity’s School of Artificial Intelligence offers a range of learning opportunities to support your particular interests and aspirations, and today, we are excited to officially open our new Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree program for enrollment!

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Udacity at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference

Udacity’s Robotics and AI teams present “Learning Robotics on the Jetson TX2”—an opportunity to build a robot, and use reinforcement learning to make it perform!


Udacity - NVIDIA - Robotics - Lights Out Robot

Members of Udacity’s Robotics and AI teams were invited to present a session at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference on Wednesday. The session, entitled “Learning Robotics on the Jetson TX2,” provided attendees with the opportunity to actually wire up and run a real robot! Here’s the official session description:

Learning Robotics on the Jetson TX2

Are you ready to learn how to use your Jetson TX2 for robotics applications? Join AI and Robotics instructors from Udacity in this lab which will teach you how to get started using your TX2 to apply AI to your robotics application. You will get the chance to build a simple “Lights Out” robot that will use reinforcement learning to push buttons and turn out corresponding LEDs. We will cover how to wire up, program, and run the robot. Additionally, we will discuss the basics of applied reinforcement learning.

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