Top Companies are Hiring Marketing Analytics Jobs

Imagine having the skills of a data analyst and the marketing know-how of a marketing professional. This hybrid role is known as a marketing analyst, and they have a unique blend of marketing and data skills.

They bridge the gap between marketing and analytics by bringing data into business decisions. Through careful study of the market, a marketing analyst makes predictions to help the business grow, then backs up those predictions by gathering data, analyzing it, and presenting it.

They also manage to consistently prove themselves useful to the companies that employ them.

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How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing

Do you remember when social media was considered a flash in the pan? Or a passing trend? Now, a strategic social media strategy is vital to businesses — both large and small — and can drive significant brand lift and ultimately conversions for a company. This increased focus has resulted in a spike in the demand for social media marketing professionals.

Though social media has been around for more than a decade it has evolved to become a legitimate business communication tool.

In our previous blogs discussing social media marketing, we explained how you can prepare for a social media marketing interview and the salary you can expect in the field. In this blog, we will dive further into how you can get started with a career in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

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Need a Summer Job? Try a Business Analytics Internship

In today’s data-driven business world, there’s an increased appetite among organizations to hire business analytics professionals. So if you’re looking for a job in analytics, now is the best time to grab a business analytics internship.

The spread of  COVID-19 has posed some serious challenges to global businesses. However, some reports like Dresner Advisory Services’ interim findings from their 2020 COVID-19 Impact Survey claim that business analytics and artificial intelligence is helping to overcome some of the challenges posed by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. This has resulted in increased demand for business analytics and AI professionals globally.

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4 of the Best Marketing Analytics Tools (2020 Edition)

From optimizing lead generation to figuring out which pieces of content are getting results, marketing analytics tools offer crucial information that can mean the difference between a successful or a failed campaign.

According to Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey 2019-2020 Research, marketing analytics ranks as the top investment for marketing dollars, accounting for 16% of a marketer’s yearly budget.

Here are four of the top marketing analytics tools to consider for your organization.

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Prepping for Your Social Media Marketing Interview

A lot can change in a decade. Ask anyone who works in the digital marketing and social media marketing space. Social media started out as a mode of communication that most businesses were wary of using. But today, it’s one of the strongest tactics in any digital marketing strategy – not to mention it’s responsible for making (or breaking) online trust and reputation.

In the last few years, this channel of marketing has grown from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.” In fact, the field has seen salary increases, especially in the last decade — making this a highly competitive occupation.

The number of social media users have grown from 930 million in 2010 to 2.9 billion in 2019. Given the sheer reach of social media, it’s no wonder that companies entrust social media only to the best professionals they can find. According to the “Marketing Hiring Trends” report by Hubspot, social media marketing is among the top 5 areas of expertise in demand within digital marketing. 

With the growth of social media, the field has become more competitive. Here are some tips to help you stand out during your social media marketing interview.

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Top 5 Email Marketing Options

Every morning when you wake up and check your email inbox, there may be at least a few emails from businesses cajoling you about to learn more about their sales, promotions, and updates. Behind each one of those emails, is a team of marketers who have painstakingly planned and measured the campaign to ensure you receive relevant information about a product or service that you may be interested in.

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The Best Ways to Learn SEO

You’ve heard the acronym — SEO — but is it really important to the success of your marketing efforts? Consider this: Most of your digital marketing efforts are tied to increasing the discoverability of your website and moving a consumer down the conversion funnel. 

With that said, it’s important to learn SEO and make sure you know more than enough to be dangerous. As a marketing professional, it’s your responsibility to understand where to invest marketing budget and time to improve your SEO efforts so that you can ensure that you are reaching potential customers.

In one of the earlier blogs, we spoke about what SEO is and how you can improve it; in this blog we intend to break down the process and reasons for why you should learn SEO. 

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