Cloud Engineer Salary: A Guide to One of the Best Jobs in America for 2021

The market for cloud and cloud-related services is quickly growing. Thanks to global organizations migrating different functions to cloud-based systems, cloud engineers are in high demand.

According to a  Robert Half report, 94% of managers surveyed are either currently using the cloud or expect to do so within the next three to five years. 

If you want to  break into cloud engineering in 2021,  here is everything you need to know about the career opportunities and earning potential in this field.

Cloud Engineer Salary

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Cloud Engineer Jobs: What You Need to Know for 2021

The cloud computing field is reaching new heights. In fact, the field of cloud computing is projected to have a market size of $623.3 billion in the next two years, and 94% of computing is expected to be run through cloud data centers this year.

What’s more, according to Robert Half Technology’s State of U.S. Tech Hiring research, three out of the top five jobs center around cloud computing, including cloud security, cloud computing and cloud architecture

With cloud computing growing so quickly, tons of new jobs will soon hit  the market. If you’ve thought about entering the tech industry, now is a great time to prepare and begin exploring the world of  cloud computing.

Find out what cloud engineers do and how you can land your dream job as a cloud engineer in 2021.

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Welcome to Our World of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is everywhere. And given that 90% of companies report to already be using cloud technologies, I mean everywhere. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing markets, with a projected market size of $623.3 billion by 2023. If that’s not enough to pique your interest in cloud computing, maybe the $117,000 national average salary will.

To help you upskill your resume, we’ve added seven new courses and Nanodegree programs to our School of Cloud Computing in the last six months. Keep reading to learn more about the courses and Nanodegree programs and see which one is right for you.

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Student Stories: Udacity’s Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program Scholarship Helps Students Get Into New Fields

At Udacity, we’re proud to launch scholarship programs, often in partnership with major tech companies, to support those learners who want access to new skills. And, our Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program Scholarship in collaboration with Nutanix was a welcome addition to our collection of programs.

In fact, as we launched the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program scholarship, we discovered that this program attracted really passionate students from across the globe, in different industries with different experiences. 

We want to celebrate these students as well as the launch of the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program, and share their experiences so that it may inspire others to reinvest in their education to be ready for the new world of work. 

Udacity’s Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program

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Enrollment Now Open for the Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree Program From Udacity & Nutanix

Earlier this year, the Udacity team  announced that we partnered  with Nutanix — the leading provider of Hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) software —  to create the Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree Program. As part of the initiative, we announced 500 scholarships to the newly built Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree program. Today, we’re excited to inform you that this Nanodegree program is now ready for the scholarship winners and also open for enrollment.

Speaking about the partnership Inder Sidhu, Executive Vice President of Global Customer Success at Nutanix, said, “At Nutanix we strive to provide ongoing educational opportunities for our customers and prospects so they are constantly learning. Our partnership with Udacity has received incredibly positive feedback from students. We now enter the next phase of our partnership by awarding 500 free scholarships to the full Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree program.” 

Enrollment Now Open for the Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree Program From Udacity & Nutanix

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Introducing the Cloud Developer using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Program

As of 2020, Microsoft Azure has a 60% adoption rate with a whopping 95% of the Fortune 500 companies using Azure technologies. This makes Azure one of the most popular cloud services platforms used by enterprises, making it a crucial tool for cloud computing professionals — especially cloud developers — to add to their skillset. 

Keeping this in mind, after launching the Cloud DevOps using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program, we are excited to introduce the latest program under that collaboration — Cloud Developer using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program. This program further strengthens our partnership with Microsoft and also Udacity’s School of Cloud Computing

Become a cloud developer with developer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Program

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What You Need to Know to Become an AWS Developer

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently one of the most used cloud services providers in the market, with Amazon reporting $10.8 million in sales in Q2 2020 alone. With 29% growth in a single quarter, the adoption of AWS shows no signs of slowing down.

This growth means the demand for roles like AWS developers continues to increase. 

The role of an AWS Developer offers a unique, engaging, challenging, and rewarding experience for those looking to break into these positions.

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