A Self-Driving Car Job at NVIDIA

How one Udacity student’s years of grit and determination (plus one well-targeted Tweet!) got him his dream job

Self-Driving Car - Udacity - NVIDIA - Student Success

The process of launching a new career requires a combination of short- and long-term planning. You need to know where you’re headed, and the steps required to get there. Then, you need to put in the actual effort of advancing along your path. When it works, the process can result in your career dreams coming true. But, making the process work can be challenging. You might be able to visualize yourself in a great career, yet not have any idea how to get there. This can easily lead to frustration over not reaching your goal. Or, you might be working really hard, but without a clear end goal; this can result in a feeling of being adrift, and not knowing where you’re headed.

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Self-Driving Cars in the IoT Age


Self-Driving Cars - IoT - Udacity

Today, everything from phones and watches to refrigerators and thermostats are available in “smart” versions. You’ll often see all these devices bundled under the umbrella concept of something called “The Internet of Things,” or IoT. In simplest form, the term refers to what it sounds like: “things” connected to “the internet.”

IoT for Social Good

Despite the simple definition, IoT innovations are exciting, and in some cases even life-changing. For example, SweetSense makes smart sensors for hand-pumps in rural areas to monitor and optimize water flow. Propellor offers a smart inhaler system to help patients manage asthma. Bigbelly is transforming how cities address waste management challenges.

Everyday IoT

“Everyday” smart devices are also proliferating—speakers, cameras, heaters, doorbells, routers—everything from espresso makers to lawn sprinklers. These are fascinating, but much bigger changes are still to come. It’s one thing for a device on your wrist to count your steps, report them to the cloud, then send back actionable feedback. It’s another thing altogether when we’re talking about cars and trucks on the road.

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Compete for a Self-Driving Car Interview with Bosch’s Automated Driving Group

Udacity Bosch - Path Planning Challenge - Self Driving Car

The Bosch Group is the world’s largest automotive supplier and they are taking bold actions to achieve their mission of bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles to market by 2021. As well as investing $1.1 billion into a new, self-driving car chip manufacturing plant, they are also investing heavily in talent.

To help Bosch meet the demands of their growing Automated Driving team, Udacity is pleased to announce a Path Planning Challenge sponsored by Bosch, which will give actively enrolled students in our Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program the opportunity to showcase their skills and earn an interview for a Planning Engineer role with Bosch’s Automated Driving team.

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Udacity and DiDi Challenge You To Contribute To The World’s First Open-Source Self-Driving Car!

Udacity DiDi Self-Driving Car Challenge

On March 8, 2017, it was announced to the world from the stage of Intersect 2017 that Udacity and DiDi were partnering to sponsor a $100k Self-Driving Car Challenge. To which the world has since responded: challenge accepted!

Over 1000 teams have signed up to compete in the challenge, with registrants coming in from the US, China, India, Canada, Germany, the UK, Japan, and more. The final deadline to register is April 21, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST, but the clock is already ticking! Join the competition today, create or join a team, and get ready, because the first round of the challenge starts on March 22nd!

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Self-Driving Car Students In Jobs: Caleb Kirksey

Udacity students in Jobs

Our Intersect 2017 conference is but a few weeks away now, and as we draw closer to the big event, we continue to think through the implications of the theme we’ve chosen: Learning for the Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond. As detailed in a previous post, we’ve found ourselves thinking quite a bit about our Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program students in particular, as in many ways their paths seem emblematic of what this theme is all about, especially the “jobs of tomorrow” part.

As it turns out, however, Self-Driving Cars as an employment field is very much a “jobs of today” space, as evidenced by how many of our current students are already finding jobs! We’re honored to highlight a number of these stories and share them with you, and today we feature Caleb Kirksey.

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