All I Ever Wanted In A Job: The Mangalambigai Sivaramakrishnan Story

Mangal, Udacity, Student Success

Returning to the workforce after taking time off is challenging, and the hurdles get progressively higher the longer you’re away. Technology presents unique obstacles in this regard, because in addition to the usual challenges of reentry, you also have to contend with the almost inevitable likelihood that your skills are out-of-date. For Mangalambigai Sivaramakrishnan, this was exactly the scenario she faced. How she took those challenges on, overcame the obstacles, and drew on her Udacity experience to build a new career for herself, is the story we’re so excited to share with you today.

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Hottest Jobs in 2016 #2: Web Developer

Hottest Jobs in 2016 #2: Web Developer

There is a simple reason why Web Developer is such a hot job right now. Put simply, what Web Developers do is create how we experience … the web. If you proceed from the notion that every person who engages with the web would prefer a great experience, then you can say that everyone who engages with the web would prefer that a Web Developer have done a great job. Companies of course know this, so they hire Web Developers to ensure their sites provide great experiences. So, lots of websites and lots of users means lots of demand. LOTS of demand.

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Announcing Three New Nanodegree Programs!

Announcing 3 New Nanodegree Programs

Launching a new Nanodegree program is one of the most exciting things we get to do. Everyone involved—and there are ALWAYS a lot of people involved!—is acutely aware of what a new Nanodegree program means: new students, new stories, new achievements. We know lives are changed by these programs, and this knowledge permeates every decision we make and every action we take as we move towards launch day.

Three New Nanodegree Programs

So you can only imagine what it’s been like here at Udacity recently, what with the impending launch of not one, not two, but THREE new Nanodegree programs! That’s right, Udacity is launching three new Nanodegree programs, and they are all live today, and ready for you to enroll!

They are:

Beginning Ruby

2D Mobile Game Developer | LibGDX

Senior Web Developer

Taken together, these three combine to cover a remarkable range of interests, skill levels, and opportunities. Wherever your objectives are on the spectrum between personal betterment and career advancement, and whether you’re new to programming or already employed in the field, there is something vital here for you.

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