Discovering VR in Kenya, With Udacity

This lifelong learner started in Kenya, graduated from Yale, and then she discovered Virtual Reality with Udacity!

Michelle Mboya - Udacity - Lifelong Learning - VR - 1

With Udacity’s Intersect 2018 conference fast approaching, everyone here is abuzz with this year’s theme: Lifelong Learning. So you can imagine our excitement when we spoke to Michelle Mboya, a student who described herself as a “chronic lifelong learner” within the first minutes of talking to her! Michelle is one of life’s “doers.” She is proactive in pursuing things that interest her, and relentless in learning new skills. As her experience will show you, this approach to learning opens up new opportunities and career paths, even when you’re still working out which path you want to take.

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Practical Lifelong Learning

By learning new digital marketing skills, this Udacity student was able to break new career ground for herself … at her current company! Here’s why they created a new role, just for her.

Udacity - Practical Lifelong Learning - Digital Marketing

Meet Kat Halo. She works as a medical assistant in a prominent dermatology office; a career she was inspired to pursue after seeing the incredible care her father received throughout his battle with cancer. She loves the experience of supporting and caring for her patients, but she’s also been wrestling with a growing need for more creative fulfillment. Her partner works in marketing analytics, and she’s been curious about his projects. When her office started investing in some digital marketing efforts, she recognized an opportunity:

“I started paying close attention to how these new marketing initiatives were being conducted, and I continually found myself thinking, ‘I bet I could do this!’”

The marketing budget was already allocated to another provider, however, but that didn’t stop Kat. She decided to learn the skills on her own:

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Starting a Startup

This Udacity graduate believes in “Optimizing for Learning.” On the heels of earning his Machine Learning Nanodegree program credential, he’s getting ready to launch his own startup!

Jeremy Jordan - Udacity - Starting a Startup


Curiosity is central to Jeremy Jordan’s personality. He even has his own term for how he approaches life—“optimizing for learning.” Jeremy is putting his learning into action now, and embarking on a remarkable adventure. He’s launching his own startup!

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Find Your Passion And Build Your Dream Career

This Udacity graduate followed her dreams, mapped out her journey, mastered the necessary skills, and successfully launched her own company!

Udacity - Find Your Passion - Dream Career

For Sandra Girouard, enrolling in Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree program was a critical turning point on the journey toward building her dream career. Sandra went from being a mother and teacher, to being a first-time independent business owner, to embracing her true passion as a digital marketing consultant, helping individuals and organizations grow their businesses, and achieve their goals. She learned a great deal along the way, including the skills that ultimately made her dreams a reality.

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Managing Mid-Career Career Change

This Udacity graduate undertook a major career change to become a Software Developer, after 30 years in other industries!

Mid-Career Career Change

Richard Morgan is a long-time Texas resident and a graduate of our Full-Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program. Richard recently started a new career as a software developer after 30 years working in other industries. He was able to relocate to his favorite part of Texas—College Station. He’s loving his new company and workload, and his family is loving life in their new home. It’s a dream come true for Richard, but achieving it took an incredible amount of hard work, and he had to overcome many challenges along the way.

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When It Comes To Career Change, Say “Yes” To Opportunity

Career change isn’t always easy, but this Udacity graduate has a habit of embracing risk, and building new careers in cutting-edge fields

Stephen Horton - Udacity - Career Change - Self-Driving Car

We recently hit a significant milestone at Udacity—the graduation of our first class of students from the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program! To celebrate these pioneering learners—more than 400 of them—we hosted a special graduation celebration in their honor. At the event, Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun (often referred to as “The Godfather of Self-Driving Cars”), presented every graduate with a special commemorative certificate to mark their achievement. Also present was the program’s Curriculum Lead, David Silver, who took to the stage to congratulate students. During his speech, he offered some simple, but exceedingly powerful words of advice:

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A 5-Year Plan For Career Success

This Udacity student found the path to career success by establishing an ambitious five-year plan to land a dream job as a Data Scientist

Udacity - Path to Career Success

We’ve all struggled with motivation when it comes to launching or advancing our careers. For some of us, the big picture can feel overwhelming, and we have to adopt a one-task-at-a-time approach. For Raul Maldonado, a recent graduate of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program, the opposite approach proved the most successful. He found career success only when he established an ambitious five-year plan for himself.

The roots of his plan go all the way back to elementary school, and this is his story.

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