How the Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure Changed Students’ Lives (Part 1)

As a students-first organization, we strive to transform our learners’ lives every day. All of our Nanodegree programs and scholarships are guided by this one mission: To train the workforce in the careers of the future.

Our partnership with Microsoft aligned with this mission and we were thrilled to launch the Machine Learning Scholarship program for Microsoft Azure. Soon after we added the DevOps Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program and Developer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program

Little did we know that this partnership could positively impact the lives of so many students. We’re pleased to work with Microsoft on the Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program, and we’re also inspired by the students that have used this opportunity to gain new skills. 

To celebrate our learners, we selected a handful of empowering stories from students who participated in the first phase of the scholarship program. And as you read these testimonials, we hope that you’re inspired to further your education — regardless of the program.

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Student Stories: Udacity’s Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program Scholarship Helps Students Get Into New Fields

At Udacity, we’re proud to launch scholarship programs, often in partnership with major tech companies, to support those learners who want access to new skills. And, our Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program Scholarship in collaboration with Nutanix was a welcome addition to our collection of programs.

In fact, as we launched the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program scholarship, we discovered that this program attracted really passionate students from across the globe, in different industries with different experiences. 

We want to celebrate these students as well as the launch of the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program, and share their experiences so that it may inspire others to reinvest in their education to be ready for the new world of work. 

Udacity’s Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program

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Udacity Grad Becomes a Full Professor at the Age of 30

Udacity AI for Robotics Alum : Patrick Glauner

Nothing makes us happier than our grads achieving their dreams. So when Patrick Glauner, a Udacity alum, reached out to us to let us know that he has become a full professor at the age of 30, we wanted to hear his story.

To quote his email to our founder, Sebastian Thrun, he said, “When I was finishing my undergrad in 2012, I took your AI for Robotics course on Udacity as I was curious to figure out what AI is. Your course really sparked my interest in AI. I subsequently decided to focus my career on topics in and around AI. Last month, I became a full professor at the age of 30 at [the] Deggendorf Institute of Technology in Bavaria, Germany.”

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Udacity Grad Crushing WFH, Creates A New Web App

There’s an old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” and technology has taken that adage to heart. 

In the age of COVID-19 and global quarantine orders, several tech innovators have uncovered new ways for us to work, live, and socialize — all from home. 

One of those innovators is Tiago — a Udacity alumnus — who has developed an app that can make working from home (WFH) easier for those of us who are new to it.

Udacity Grad and App Developer Finds a Way to Make WFH Easier

Tiago, crushing WFH

Tiago, who lives in Singapore with his wife and two kids, is a Udacity React Nanodegree program graduate. 

After finishing his program, Tiago started to think about how he could build on the technical skills that he had learned. Then, he set a goal to design and build two web applications in 2020. But, he had no idea about what to do and where to start. 

“At the same time, the world was engulfed in this crazy pandemic and everyone was caught by surprise — businesses were told to close doors, aircraft were grounded and companies told their staff to work from home. This was totally unexpected,” he said.

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10 Nanodegree Programs Later… A Dream Job | Student Story

Start Learning

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Adrian Lievano. I’m 26 years old and a graduate with my Master’s and Bachelors from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. After graduating, I raised angel-money and ran a startup based out of Kenya for nearly 2.5 years. I decided to step away from the experience to move away from Kenya and reenter the tech-industry, driving to San Francisco from Miami in four days with my brother and dog. Once I arrived, I accepted an offer to work at a biotechnology company as a research bioengineer. 

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Women’s History Month Recognition: Udacity Graduates Forge Path for Women to Tech Careers

Start Learning

The technology industry has made many advancements to improve diversity in its ranks, but women still remain underrepresented in tech. Despite the fact that women account for around 59% of the total workforce in the US, only 20% are in tech roles at major tech companies. If you include non-tech roles at major tech organizations, such as Marketing and HR, this number increases to 30%. 

The statistics are similar when one looks at it from a global perspective. According to Michael Krigsman, an Industry Analyst, “13% of the global Fortune 500 were women, and that’s not just Chief of Information Security Officers (CISOs). That’s CISOs, CIOs, and senior executives such as a VP in the technology arena. It’s still a very, very small amount that equates to about 65 companies out of the 500,” said Krigsman. The question of diversity is no longer limited to election campaigns and political protests but is also on boardroom agendas across the country.

Women's History Month

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‘I am living a happy life as a ‘Working Mother’’ – Yamini Chandramouli | Student Story

There is no doubt about the sacrifices that women make as daughters, wives, mothers and in every role that they take up. Many times, this means sacrificing their career. So when Yamini had to choose between taking care of her son and a growing career, her obvious choice was her son. 

Here’s her story of bouncing back from a sabbatical of around 11 years in her own words.

'I am living a happy life as a ‘Working Mother’' - Yamini Chandramouli | Student Story

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