The New Server-Side Swift Course from Udacity

Swift 4 is here, and we’re excited to be incorporating the changes into our growing Swift curriculum. Swift 4 improves the standard library, provides source code compatibility with Swift 3, and continues to unify foundation frameworks across Apple operating systems and Linux. Today, we’re announcing the first of many curriculum improvements: an updated Server-Side Swift course built in collaboration with IBM and Hashicorp! We’ve added two new lessons, a host of supporting videos, and interviews with industry experts like Nic Jackson of Hashicorp and Mohammad Azam of The Iron Yard.

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Introducing Server-Side Swift with IBM

Server-Side Swift with IBM

Imagine it’s December of 2015. You’re a developer, and you’ve just heard the news that Apple has open sourced their Swift programming language. You’re probably excited, but also a little wary, a little curious; why would Apple get involved in open source software? This isn’t normal for a company that typically keeps its products under lock and key.

Fast forward to today. A great deal has happened since Apple’s fateful decision, and Swift is now contending as a server-side language to rival Javascript, Java, Go, and others. The implications are pretty significant. Swift, the same language that powers modern Apple applications, can now be used to build web servers, microservices, and even hobbyist electronics projects with single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi.

It’s pretty easy to understand Apple’s motivations—bridging Swift to the server is an opportunity to expand their reach and grow their developer community. But what does this all mean for you? Should you be excited about server-side Swift?

Yes, you should. You absolutely should.

Introducing Server-Side Swift with IBM

We’re so excited about the potential of server-side Swift, that we built a new course just to teach developers how to extend Swift beyond the realm of Apple devices and onto the server and the cloud. We’ve secured an amazing partner for the course, and we’re now very pleased to announce the launch of Server-Side Swift … with IBM!

Enroll in Server-Side Swift with IBM today!

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Swift 3: The Great Migration!


By virtue of what we teach at Udacity, we get to be part of a really exciting space where rapid change is the norm. New products, new platforms, and new tools seemingly emerge everyday, and for students and instructors alike, it’s unbelievably thrilling to work in the middle of all this innovation! But, rapid change has its own set of problems, too. For example, keeping courses up-to-date can be really difficult—especially when you’re trying to keep pace with world-class innovators like Apple! At Udacity, we embrace this challenge so that we can consistently offer the best content to students.

Before the end of this quarter, we can expect that Apple will make announcements about an improved device lineup and the newest version of their Swift programming language—Swift 3. Rest assured, the team behind the iOS Developer Nanodegree program is already working to stay on top of all these exciting changes!

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Announcing: Objective-C for Swift Developers

Objective-C for Swift Developers

Current and future iOS Developers, you’re in quite a spot these days. Swift is here, Swift 3.0 is coming, but there is still so much out there written in Objective-C. More and more companies are moving TO Swift as their main programming language, but those same companies have a LOT of legacy Objective-C code that has to be dealt with. Interoperability, to put it mildly, is a big deal. The true champions in this space will be those developers who know and understand both Objective-C and Swift, and who can—perhaps most importantly—rewrite from the former to the latter. Will this be you?

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Getting ready for Swift 3.0


I’ve been teaching iOS for many years—in the United States, in Europe, and in Latin America primarily—and I can tell you from personal experience that the arrival of Swift 3.0 is going to be met with excitement across the globe. While new versions of a language can seem intimidating,  Swift is open sourced, so we know what’s coming, and we can watch it as it happens. In this post we’ll take a look at the features that have been added, and the bugs that have been excised, so we can understand what Swift 3.0 will mean for all of us. But first, a little personal history!

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More Apps Our Students are Launching

It’s Day Four of #6DaysOfiOS, and we’re giving away six Apple devices: two iPhone 6s, an Apple TV, an Apple Watch Sport, an iPad, and a Macbook Air! If you enroll in a free trial of the Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program between October 13th at 12pm ET and October 26th at 12pm ET you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win!



The projects you build are at the heart of your Nanodegree program experience, and there is no clearer evidence of the skills you’ve mastered than the tangible work you produce. This is why we’re always especially thrilled to highlight amazing apps build by our amazing students! Back in August, we highlighted new work from three Udacity Nanodegree program graduates: Linda, Paul and Spiros. Today we introduce iOS Developer Nanodegree program graduates Raphael, Ryan and Umar, each of whom has created an awesome new app that we highlight below! We’ll tell you about what they built and how they built it, and we also encourage you to check out Student Swift Blogs, where you can really dive deep into some clever, candid, and seriously educational stories from our students who are programming in Swift.

And with that, meet Raphael!

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14 Essential Swift / iOS Resources

It’s day two of #6DaysOfiOS, a celebration of the launch of our new Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program. We’re giving away six Apple devices: two iPhone 6s, an Apple TV, an Apple Watch Sport, an iPad, and a Macbook Air, and if you enroll in a free trial of the Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program between October 13th at 12pm ET and October 26th at 12pm ET you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win!


We’ve just launched our brand-new Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program, and we’re marshaling all our energies to support anyone who wishes to pursue iOS development, or learn more about Swift, Apple’s custom programming language designed specifically for building iOS and OS X apps.

So get ready to start bookmarking, because we’ve assembled a list of 14 essential Swift resources just for you! Whether you have little to no programming experience, and only just enrolled in the Beginning iOS App Development Nanodegree program, or are in the final stages of our career-track iOS Developer Nanodegree program, this is a list you’re going to come back to again and again!

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