Top 5 Tech Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2020

Podcasts are the next big thing. It has been reported that podcast listeners spend more than six hours per week tuned in to podcasts. This is not surprising at all — what do you do when you are working from home with your earplugs tugged in, or when you are cooking your favorite meal or before you go to sleep? Most likely, listening to podcasts!

Podcasts are easy to access and offer the flexibility to multitask. And in a world where you are constantly doing something or another , what else do you need to consume your favorite content? So much so, that last year even Netflix tried its hand at podcasts. As they say, everyone and everyone’s roommate is doing a podcast! 😉

But in a sea of podcasts available across different genres, how do you choose the most relevant one? It’s a challenge for sure. 

Top 5 Tech Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2020
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 If tech podcasts are your thing, here are five that we think you should listen to in 2020.

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The Best Free Online Tech Courses

Online learning has never been more important. COVID-19 closed schools and over 67% of students worldwide are unable to attend class on campus. And scores of businesses closed causing unemployment to rise to 10%.

Fortunately, with just a computer and internet access, you can learn just about anything — from anywhere — even tech skills.

In fact, there has never been a better time to add technological know-how to your resume. A recent report showed that the tech industry generated $1.9 trillion, or about 10% of the economy in the United States. The tech industry is huge, and only growing bigger.

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Best C++ IDEs

As a programmer, you’ve probably encountered some kind of an integrated development environment (IDE). Many IDEs work with multiple programming languages, while some are built for just one language, like C++.

In this article, we’ll look at the top IDEs for C++. But before we get started, let’s talk about what an IDE is in the first place.

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