Taking The Mystery Out Of Technical Interviews


New Course Launch!

I’m ecstatic to announce the launch of Udacity’s newest course: “Technical Interview | Algorithms and Data Structures in Python.” But what is a technical interview, and what specific skills do you need to master, in order to perform well in one?

Let’s start by talking about “the technical interview”. When you’re interviewing for pretty much any job that requires coding, you’ll be asked a mix of behavioral, job-skills, and algorithmic questions. Behavioral questions are meant to assess personality traits, and usually revolve around your actions in past experiences and hypothetical situations. Questions related to job skills focus on your knowledge as it applies directly to the job you’re interviewing for, like your ability to use classifiers if you’re applying for a data science job or whether you really know the Activity lifecycle as an Android developer. Algorithmic questions are meant to provide your potential employer with insight into your thought processes. You’re normally given a vague problem and asked to write code in your language of choice to solve it within a time limit.

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