Building a Product-Led Organization

Customers today are adopting technologies at an exceptional pace. For example, while the telephone took 75 years to reach 100 million users worldwide, Instagram took less than three years. In order to keep pace with ever-changing customer needs, organizations must center their innovation strategies around their products. They must create a culture of product-centered innovation by leveraging their most important resource — their employees.  

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Encouraging Innovation Through Servant Leadership

Organizations often claim to encourage risk-taking, but are typically reluctant to greenlight experimental innovation efforts for fear of failure. What’s more, by the time an “experimental” project is set to launch, layers of management will have likely reviewed and approved the “risky” project in advance.

The issue is that there’s always going to be a natural failure rate when taking risks. Expecting 100% success only rewards safe bets. Not only is this approach stale and uninspired, but it also discourages employees from implementing new ideas that could lead to positive business outcomes.

While there is no silver bullet for building a culture of experimentation, one way executives can help spur innovation in their organizations is by practicing servant leadership.

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Investing in Employees to Accelerate Innovation

While technological advancements offer organizations the promise of competitive advantage, they can also risk disruption to companies’ ultimate challenge of driving and sustaining growth. Business leaders understand that accelerating innovation and time-to-market is essential to stand out from competitors. Unfortunately, they are finding they lack the technologies and the right people to bring their innovation strategies to life.

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6 Essential Tips For Working From Home Efficiently

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced organizations around the world to implement work from home policies, but many employees we’re not prepared to work remotely. 

Working from home effectively doesn’t happen overnight. It’s crucial to have the right set up at home to be productive. 

For more of us, working from home will be the new normal for the next few weeks or even months in some countries.

To help you evaluate your workspace, we put together essential tips that will help you avoid the distractions that working from home might pose. 

Working From Home

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5 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

In recent years, the world of work was slow to shift from having in-office policies to flexible work from home schedules.

Most employers want employees in the office to have easy, unencumbered face time with coworkers to have a free exchange of ideas. 

What’s more, working remotely was reserved for employees with long commutes or that live in other states. 

However, COVID-19 has forced a rapid move to remote work, with many managers finding themselves with a fully remote team for the first time. Managing a remote team can have its challenges, but it can be done.

Here are five tips for managing your newly remote teams. 

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Champion a Learning Agenda Inside Your Organization

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We often talk in business about continuous learning. The goal is to learn something new every day and then apply it in ways that make you – and your organization – incrementally better. That idea of constant improvement always comes back to one, fundamental truth.

Knowledge is power.

It’s why, in this age of rapid technological change, the drive toward superior performance will always be led by a focus on Learning and Development (L&D). This is where organizations truly have the opportunity to capitalize and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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