Earning Greatness: Udacity Talks Welcomes Anand Rajaraman!

Anand Rajaraman Udacity Talks

Anand Rajaraman has seen the startup world from pretty much every angle, and particularly when it comes to mainstreaming innovative technologies, there are few people with more experience and knowledge. We’re so excited to have him join us for the next episode of Udacity Talks, and we look forward to hearing Sebastian Thrun deliver your questions to Anand throughout the episode!

Anand Rajaraman joins us for Episode 5 of Udacity Talks on Friday, August 26th, at 11AM PDT. RSVP now, and send in your questions via the link in your confirmation email.

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Follow Your Bliss: Eric Darnell On Udacity Talks—The Wrap!

Sebastian Thrun, Eric Darnell, Udacity Talks

Sebastian Thrun introduced him as, “A great artist, a great technologist, and a super creative person.” He then asked him, “Are you a creative, a technologist, a content person, a cook, or a comedian?” To which Eric Darnell responded, “I’ve basically been a content person.”

And that is how Episode 4 of Udacity Talks began!

Returning to the host’s chair was our own Sebastian Thrun, and sitting opposite from him was Eric Darnell, Chief Creative Officer for Baobab Studios. Sitting between them was … a bunny. But not just any bunny. This bunny happens to be the star of “Invasion!,” which is Baobab’s first Virtual Reality release!

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It’s All About The Content: Udacity Talks Welcomes Virtual Reality Innovator Eric Darnell

Eric Darnell, Udacity Talks

“It is all about the content.”

So says Eric Darnell, Chief Creative Officer of Baobab Studios. Coming from a film director—which Eric is—this may not be a surprising sentiment. But Eric is in fact one of the preeminent visionaries leading the still-very-new field of Virtual Reality filmmaking, and is unquestionably at the very forefront of technological advances the likes of which we can still hardly imagine. But despite all that innovation, it’s still about the content.

Eric Darnell is our guest for this week’s episode of Udacity Talks, taking place on Wed, June 20th, at 4pm PDT.

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Do Good Work: Our “Jess Lee on Udacity Talks” Recap!

Jess Lee on Udacity Talks

It’s one thing to read about someone and think to yourself, “Wow, that person sounds amazing, I’d love to talk with them.” It’s another thing altogether to meet them, and have that feeling confirmed. But I think it’s safe to say that’s pretty much how everyone at Udacity felt yesterday after Jess Lee’s visit for Episode #3 of Udacity Talks. Even Sebastian Thrun himself, who has certainly met his share of remarkable people over the years, was clearly impressed—in his unscripted introduction he referred to her as an “unbelievable, great leader” and  “one of the top minds and brains in Silicon Valley.”

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“What You See Is What You Get”: Udacity Talks Welcomes Polyvore Co-Founder & CEO Jess Lee!

Jess Lee Udacity Talks

Our Udacity Talks series is committed to finding those individuals whose lives and stories will move and inspire our students, and whose achievements and challenges offer real-world examples of how successful careers are built, and how dreams are successfully realized.

We’re extremely excited to host our next guest for Udacity Talks, Polyvore Co-founder & CEO Jess Lee! She joins us for a live video chat on Thursday, June 30th, at 4pm PDT. Be sure to RSVP today to watch the event!

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Udacity Talks, Episode 2: Astro Teller


If you look up the word “polymath” in the dictionary and find a picture of Astro Teller, don’t be surprised.

Astro Teller, Udacity Talks

(Astro Teller, Udacity Talks guest, Wed, June 1, 4pm PDT)

Astro Teller: Polymath

Astro Teller holds a Masters of Science in symbolic and heuristic computation, a Bachelor of Science in computer science, and a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence. He has founded or co-founded a hedge fund management firm, a wearable body monitoring company, and an intellectual property holding company. He is the author of several fiction books, and recently co-authored a nonfiction work with his wife. He has taught at Stanford, and was the recipient of the prestigious Hertz fellowship while at Carnegie Mellon University.

Astro Teller:  Captain of Moonshots

And yet! And yet … despite all these remarkable accomplishments, it is undoubtedly his current role that he is most known for:

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Udacity Talks Debuts Friday With Tony Fadell!


Udacity Talks debuts today, and we couldn’t be more excited! We had nothing but high hopes from the start, but the response we’ve received has exceeded our expectations by such a wide margin it’s almost inconceivable. What else can we say but thank you!!! We’re so happy this is proving to be of value to our community, and we can’t wait for tomorrow’s first episode.

As a reminder: our Udacity Talks episode with Tony Fadell is scheduled for Friday, May 13, 2016 at 4pm PT. To learn more about tomorrow’s episode, upcoming guests, and the series in general, please visit Udacity Talks.

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