Turn Downtime into an Online Learning Opportunity With Our New Global Offer

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We’re all about to enter a new normal. No country will be spared by the economic and social impact that will be left in the wake of COVID-19. 

The virus forced millions of people into social distancing, which spurred organizations worldwide to move their workforce to a remote work structure, leaving department heads struggling to manage their newly remote teams. 

Conversely, many organizations hit hard by shelter-in-place orders have furloughed or laid off a majority of their employees —  leaving the future of the job market in chaos.

So, what can you do in this situation when you’re expected to stay at home and avoid any social contact? You can take the time to learn a new skill that will make you better prepared to take on the new world of work. 

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Five Tips for Successfully Teaching Online Courses 

As the closure of universities and schools becomes the norm, teachers and students accustomed to traditional classroom environments are figuring out how best to adapt to virtual classrooms.

While this change has certainly disrupted the curriculum, there are many ways you can create engaging courses for their students.

At Udacity, we’ve been perfecting this model for nearly a decade and are excited to share some of our go-to teaching practices.

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Turn Your Quarantine into Career Credentials

Fifty years from now, we’ll all tell our grandchildren about the time the world stopped spinning. When restaurants were shuttered, businesses sent their workers home, and planes vacated the sky. And we’ll be asked what we did with all that extra time stuck at home.

What if you could say that 2020 was the lemon you turned into lemonade? The opportunity you seized to advance your career? Many are jumping at that chance, and Udacity is helping them do it— all from home.

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Udacity Leads Effort to Upskill Laid-Off Workers With New Scholarship

Businesses both large and small, have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, causing the economy to launch into a tailspin. 

In fact, many large corporations — including Marriott and GE Aviation — have announced that they will lay off hundreds of workers as a result of having their industries decimated by travel bans, event cancellations, and shelter-in-place orders.

An abrupt lay-off can have negative repercussions on a worker’s income and leads to undue stress when the future seems uncertain.

However, there is relief for recently laid-off workers. Udacity is offering Nanodegree program scholarships to individuals who have experienced job loss in the United States due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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