What You Read in 2018

In a year of inspiring student success stories, exciting new scholarship opportunities, and groundbreaking Nanodegree program launches, these are the stories that truly captured your attention.

Udacity - What You Read in 2018

Summing up an entire year of learning, achievement, and success, is an essentially impossible task. That’s perhaps why we never end up producing just one definitive Year-in-Review post—there’s just too much to talk about, and too many perspectives from which to view a year’s worth of accomplishment.

Already this year Sebastian Thrun has written “The Audacity to Change,” which included a wonderful “2018: Udacity by the Numbers” infographic. And last week it was our honor and pleasure to publish “2018: A Year of Student Success,” in which we revisited 12 Udacity students previously featured on our blog, to see how their lives are progressing today. (Spoiler alert: they’re doing great!)

Which brings us to this post!

Here, we’re going to look at the blog articles we published in 2018 that resonated the most with you, our community. These are the stories the greatest numbers of you read, re-read, shared, and commented on.

Before we look at specifics, however, I would just like to take a moment to thank every single one of you who’ve read something we’ve published this year. Thank you for giving us your attention, your time, and your trust. As a learning institution devoted to your career success, we know we only succeed when you succeed. The same can essentially be said for our writing efforts—we only succeed when what we’ve written means something to you.

So with that said, let’s look at the articles you read the most! And why not start right at the top? This is 2018’s most-read post:

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2018: A Year of Student Success

Join us as we catch up with Udacity students previously featured on our blog, to see what they’re working on today. 

The end of a calendar year is traditionally a time for both reflection and prediction. At Udacity, our reflections and predictions focus on you—what you’ve done, and what you’ll do next.

Below, we revisit twelve Udacity students previously featured on our blog, to discover how things are progressing in their lives today.

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Top 10 Most-Read New Posts in 2017

Top 10 Most-Read New Posts in 2017 - Udacity

The opportunity to look back on an entire year and see what stories were popular with readers is a fascinating experience. We get to discover what you liked, and then try and figure out why you liked it!

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Udacity 2017: The Year in Review

Udacity 2017 Year in Review

A great deal can happen in a year. We’re not always conscious of this as we go about our daily lives, but it becomes immediately apparent when we pause to reflect. The experience of creating a “Year in Review” post affords us a special opportunity to think back on all the things we’ve learned, experienced, and achieved together.

2017 has been an extraordinary year for the global Udacity community. We’ve grown at a remarkable rate—our family of employees runs into the many hundreds now, we have expert Udacity project reviewers in over 60 different countries, and nearly a million-and-a-half new students, residing in virtually every country on the planet, entered our classrooms this year. We helped fund over 100,000 scholarships in 2017. We count over 100 different companies as partners and collaborators. We now offer over 20 different Nanodegree programs, more than half of which we launched this year. Udacity students submitted over 300,000 projects in 2017.

And yet, we still feel we’ve only just begun!

Everywhere in the world there are passionate, dedicated, hardworking lifelong learners eager to advance their lives and their careers, each of whom deserves full access to world-class learning opportunities. Our goal is to reach every one of you. This is what we strive for, and this is the challenge we look forward to every day.

But just for a moment at least, we’d like to pause, and look back at 2017.

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Udacity 2016: The Year in Review

Udacity Year in Review

2016 will stand as a year rich with student success, and one populated with an ongoing abundance of new offerings built to encourage, support, and enable that success. Let’s look back now and recall some of these amazing student success stories, and the work that went into helping make them possible.

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